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24 Must-Have Shopify Apps to Boost Sales in 2019

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Shopify powers over 500,000 businesses in 175 countries.

It’s one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out there today.

Imagine the competition.

That’s exactly why you need to know how to use the right tools and technology available out there, so you can gain an edge over your competitors.

But with so many apps out there, it can be hard to tell which one would actually bring you results.

Here is a list of the best Shopify apps in 2019 to help you boost your sales:

Shopify Apps to Increase Sales & Conversions

1. Bold Upsell – Upsell Smarter

Bold Upsell – Upsell Smarter is one of the most popular cross-selling and upselling apps for Shopify.

Upsell Cross-sell Shopify App

Made popular by Amazon, the concept of upselling or cross-selling is a simple, yet pretty effective way to increase your ecommerce store’s AOV. When customers view items on your store or add them to cart, Bold Upsell – Upsell Smarter will show them a pop-up that displays alternative or complementary items they can additionally purchase quickly and on the spot.

You can manually set the package deals you want to show your customers, or let Bold Upsell – Upsell Smarter use the data collected through sales to automatically do the job.

Key Features:

  • Upsell: Show customers higher end alternatives to add to or replace the items in their cart
  • Cross-Sell: Show customers bundles of related products that go well together to make an irresistible combo
  • Sales Motivator: Use gamification, like smart coupon pop-ups, to motivate customers to add more products to cart
  • Last Step Upsell: Show customers one last pop-up with suggestions for more items when they checkout


  • Free Trial for 14 days.
  • Starting at $9.99.

2. Google Shopping Management – Sales & Orders

Our app lets you manage and optimize your Google Shopping campaigns and Products Listing Ads.

Sales Orders

You can access advanced bidding tools, sync your product feed with your Merchant Center account, and better understand profit and loss for each of your products to further optimize your campaigns.

Our company is also known for its excellent support, with an expert team of Google AdWords Certified Professionals.

Key Features:

  • Easily import products from Merchant Center
  • Control all your shopping campaigns down to product level
  • Identify profit and loss for every product
  • Visualize product ads and troubleshoot feed errors
  • Analyze overall campaign success


  • Free Trial for 15 days.
  • From $99.95/Month

3. Facebook Shop

This app lets you easily integrate your Facebook account with your Shopify store by introducing a ‘Shop’ tab on your Facebook page.


Facebook Shop enables customers to quickly checkout right on Facebook without being redirected to your website. This helps increase your sales and broaden your customer base. The best part is, it works great on both desktop and mobile.

Key Features:

  • Product changes automatically sync to your Facebook Shop
  • Manage the inventory and sales via Facebook on Shopify
  • Customize the collections you want to feature on Facebook


  • Free

4. Recart

Recart’s powerful app combines features of 7 different apps to bring you an all-in-one solution to minimize your cart abandonment rate and fire up your sales and conversions.


The best part is, the app integrates most of its features with Facebook Messenger, leading to an 85%+ increase in open rates!

Recart lets you send cart abandonment and other marketing messages, push notifications, and emails (using pre-tested campaigns that bring actual results), and display add to cart pop-ups that help capture emails.

The app also offers abandonment analytics so you can get in-depth information on how much money you’re losing in that area.

Key Features:

  • Automated Facebook Messenger campaigns
  • Add to cart pop-ups to help capture emails
  • Push notifications and user/login tracking
  • Abandoned cart email and Messenger campaigns
  • Email capture from all your software
  • Form autofill (Only available for Shopify Plus)
  • Abandonment analytics


  • Free Trial for 28 days
  • Pricing varies with sales

5. Sumo

One of the biggest challenges Shopify store owners face is not knowing how to grow their business. Even after learning more about the proven strategies, it’s often difficult for them to set these strategies up in their store. Sounds familiar to you?
 Sumo Shopify App

With that, Sumo recently developed a solution to solve the problems above: Sumo Shortcuts. Sumo Shortcuts allow you to set-and-forget proven marketing strategies in three minutes or less. It integrates seamlessly with Shopify to reduce cart abandonment, increase average order value, grow your email list, and more. 

Key Features:

  • Present abandoning customers with a special incentive to complete the purchase
  • Collect email subscribers as visitors browse your store
  • Increase average order value by engaging customers with strategically-placed offers
  • Automatically send a targeted follow-up email when subscribers view your products without buying
  • Sync perfectly with Shopify to generate unique discount codes


  • Free trial for 14 days
  • Free plan available
  • Paid plans start at $29/Month

Shopify Marketing Apps

6. ReferralCandy

Best Shopify Apps


This powerful, yet simple marketing app motivates customers through incentives to refer their friends.

The great thing about this app is it has a super easy setup process, with no coding skills required. Plus, you also get a whole month (30 days) of free trial!

In addition to offering automated cash or coupon rewards to customers who refer you to their friends, ReferralCandy can also send out automated reminder emails, which you can easily create using the Email Template Editor.

The app also comes with a dashboard so you can see how your referral program is doing.

Key Features:

  • Automated reward payouts to customers
  • Customized cash or coupon incentives
  • Automated reminder emails
  • Easy-to-use email template editor


  • Free Trial for 30 days
  • From $40/Month

7. OptinMonster

Shopify Popup App


OptinMonster’s Shopify app seamlessly integrates with your store and lets you collect email addresses, and boost conversions by targeting each optin form based on different categories, products, and pages.

You can also use this app to target your promotions using customer data, like their location, device, onsite behavior and more.

It also allows you to show exit-intent pop-ups that gather email addresses or show special offers to visitors that encourage them to complete their purchase.

Key Features:

  • Targeted promotions based on location, referral source, onsite behavior, device etc.
  • 65+ templates for exit-intent pop-ups, floating announcement bars, welcome mats, slide-in scroll boxes and more
  • A/B testing and conversion analytics
  • Integrations with all major email marketing, content management, and CRM platforms


  • Free Trial for 14 days
  • From $49/Month

8. Smile.io

Loyalty programs are a great way to engage with your customers, keep them interested, and boost your sales. This app helps you do just that.

By integrating with your Shopify store, Smile.io lets you offer your customers multiple and personalized rewards to encourage different activities.


You can even offer visitors points for signing up, which helps eliminate guest checkouts and gets you valuable email addresses in the process.

Key Features:

  • Multiple reward programs
  • Advanced visual customization with the ability to add logos, custom images, and select colors
  • VIP programs for encouraging customer loyalty and making segmentation easier
  • API to sync your data with other applications


  • Free plan for up to 500 program members
  • From $59/Month

9. WisePops

Looking to effortlessly create popups so that you can grow your email list, reduce cart-abandonment or maximize a sale? 

If you answered ‘yes’, then you’ll want to check out WisePops which allows you to do all that and more by showing visitors targeted pop-ups based on contextual information.


WisePops offers a wonderfully simple drag-and-drop interface, 60+ flexible, mobile-friendly templates, and also supports custom HTML/CSS code. This app also integrates easily with Google Analytics, or any of your favorite email service provider using their email API.

Key Features:

  • Targeted pop-up forms displayed on click, scroll, or exit
  • Mobile-friendly and compatible with Google guidelines
  • Integrates with Google Analytics and major email service providers using the email API
  • Drag-and-Drop builder
  • 60+ responsive, flexible templates
  • Supports HTML/CSS custom code


  • Free Trial for 14 days
  • From $49/Month

Shopify Apps for Social Proof and Credibility

10. Sales Popup Notifications by Care Cart

Sales Popup by Care Cart is an incredibly popular app built around the concept of social proof.

This app enables real-time notifications on your website for all the purchases customers are making.

sales popup social proof

This helps build trust and credibility by letting visitors know what other shoppers are buying from your store.

Moreover, it creates an aura of a busy store, which further encourages new visitors to convert into customers.

Key Features:

  • Customizable notification messages, display time, position
  • Showing random notifications
  • Hiding old notifications
  • Responsive design for both desktop and mobile
  • One-click installation


  • Free

11. Yotpo



Yotpo leverages customer reviews and photos to build credibility and trust with visitors on your website.

Instead of just waiting for customers to leave reviews themselves, Yotpo can also send out review request emails.

The app also adds a widget to your site pages so you can showcase your reviews, and offers advanced moderation and commenting features.

Key Features:

  • Send out review request emails
  • Showcase reviews across your website with widgets, tabs, and star ratings
  • Advanced moderation and commenting


  • Free Plan with basic features
  • Paid Growth Plan with additional features

12. Social Proof & Urgency



This useful app by Banana Stand comes packed with features that help you build trust and credibility with your customers, and increase conversions at the same time.

The app displays the number of viewers and recent orders next to your products so visitors know other people are also interested. It also shows low stock alerts, countdown timers, and even cart timers to create urgency and encourage purchases and checkouts.

Key Features:

  • Customizable urgency and social proof notifications
  • Promo bars for special promotions and offers
  • Countdown timers
  • Full API for developers
  • A/B testing for better conversion rates
  • Available in 8+ languages


  • Free Plan for growing businesses
  • Paid plan for larger businesses

Shopify Apps for Dropshippers

13. Oberlo



Oberlo allows you to virtually add hundreds of products to your store, and send them to your customers directly through the supplier without having to worry about inventory, shipping, or packaging.

You can use this app to import products from AliExpress and Oberlo Marketplace and add them to your store. It also offers automatic inventory and price updates, so your listings always keep up.

You can also edit all the product details as you wish, such as images, descriptions, and titles.

Key Features:

  • Easily import products from AliExpress and Oberlo Marketplace
  • Automatic order fulfilment
  • Product customization lets you edit all the details, like titles, descriptions, and images
  • Automatically synced inventory and price helps your store stay updated
  • Only pick products with faster delivery times using the ePacket filter


  • Free plan for up to 50 orders/Month
  • From $29.90/Month

14. Printful 

 This app can eliminate printing, warehousing, and shipping hassles for Shopify stores that sell print-on-demand products, like T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, or mugs.

Like Oberlo, all you need to do is take orders from your customers. Once an order is placed and forwarded to Printful, the app takes care of the rest. They even have designers to help you out with new ideas. It’s a great way to make sales without worrying about the tough work.

Key Features:

  • Expert design services
  • Free mockups and eCommerce photography for your store
  • 200+ products and variations to choose from
  • Quality control over printing and order fulfilment
  • White label service: No Printful branding on any of the products shipped to your customers


  • Custom

15. Pre-Order Manager

 Pre-Order Manager offers a brilliant solution for products on your store temporarily out of stock. Instead of seeing a disappointing, ‘out-of-stock’ message, customers can place ‘pre-orders’ instead.

The app lets visitors place pre-orders for out-of-stock products just like they normally, and stores the details so you can view and fulfil those orders whenever the products are back in stock.

You can even display a custom message next to your product that notifies the customer when that product will be back in stock.

Key Features:

  • Flexible pre-order management and scheduling for specific products or entire store
  • Customizable pre-order button and description
  • Pre-order activation only in certain locations
  • Integration with QuickView
  • Compatible with inventory-tracking apps


  • Free Trial for 14 days
  • $24.95/Month

Shopify Shipping Apps

16. AfterShip Returns Center



AfterShip makes managing your return process a breeze.

It provides customers with a branded returns center they can submit their returns in. Once you approve, shipping instructions will be sent out to them automatically.

The app also lets you track and manage all your returns in one place, and automatically informs customers with the status of their returns and refunds using customizable email templates.

Key Features:

  • Automate your return process
  • Customizable Returns Page: Add your brand logo and a custom URL
  • Customizable email templates for informing customers about their return shipment status


  • Custom

17. Shippo



This app helps you quickly find the right shipping option for your business.

It offers features like printing shipping labels, split orders, and package tracking, and lets you manage all your shipments from one place. You can also add your carrier accounts to benefit from the app’s discounted rates.

You can also automate your international workflow, and easily create the right customs documentation.

Key Features:

  • Access discounted shipping rates from USPS and DHL Express
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Import orders from multiple channels, including your Shopify store, Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc.
  • Split orders across multiple shipments
  • Bulk-printing of shipping labels and packing slips
  • Email customers with auto-synced tracking info
  • End-to-end shipping control with Shippo’s API


  • No subscription or sign-up fee.
  • 5 cents/label and discounted shipping rates for USPS and DHL Express.
  • Additional volume discounts available.

18. Orderhive

Orderhive is a multichannel order and inventory management system that allows you to automatically update your inventory across all your Shopify stores.

Orderhive Shopify App

Key Features:

  • 300+ integrations, including the ability to integrates with all major marketplaces, storefronts, shipping carriers and accounting softwares.
  • Easily create shipping labels for a variety of services including FedEx, DHL, and USPS
  • Manage inventory and consolidate orders across multiple channels, stores, and marketplaces
  • 24/7 customer care ensuring that someone is on hand, whether by call, email, or live chat, to answer your query.


  • Free Trial for 15 days
  • Starting at $100 a month

19. Ordoro

Ordoro offers another great solution for businesses who want to manage inventory across multiple channels, stores, and even marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.


The app lets you access discounted USPS rates, advanced analytics for all your channels, and dropshipping features. It also comes with an open API so you can customize your workflow.

Key Features:

  • Gain from discounted rates of up to 67% via USPS
  • Easily create shipping labels
  • Manage inventory and consolidate orders across multiple channels, stores, and marketplaces
  • Automatically route dropshipping orders to suppliers
  • Advanced business analytics let you compare and analyze multiple channels
  • Open API lets you customize your workflow


  • Free Trial for 15 days
  • $25/Month

Shopify Customer Service Apps

20. LiveChat



This app enables customers to instantly communicate with you in real-time on your Shopify store. The prompt response and resolution offered by live chat increases customer satisfaction and helps you boost your sales.

LiveChat also lets you hold multiple chat sessions simultaneously, send out automated answers to certain FAQs, review conversation transcripts, and send files to users during a chat session. You can also view a customer’s cart details during their chat session.

Key Features:

  • Add the LiveChat option to every page of your website
  • Respond to customers on the go via mobile apps
  • Review chat transcripts
  • Automated and manual chat invitations to reach out to customers
  • Integrate LiveChat with 70+ apps, like MailChimp or Zendesk


  • Free Trial for 30 days
  • From $39/Month

21. Help Scout 

Help Scout is a popular Zendesk alternative that serves as a help desk solution for your support team.

How great is that?

Offering the same level of personalized and high-quality support to your customers can be challenging.

This app helps you do just that by offering tools and features that let you efficiently organize and manage your support activities all in one place. You can easily switch between your conversations, view detailed customer information in your sidebar, manage all your emails in one place, send previously saved replies, and more.

Help Scout even lets you view reports on how well your support is doing, and can help you create a documentation library on your website too.

What makes this app unique?

All its features are to help you and your support team out – they are completely invisible to your customers!

Key Features:

  • View customer information, conversation history, and order history all in one place
  • Easily filter emails and automate certain actions to improve workflow
  • Insert saved replies quickly to answer FAQs
  • Manage multiple mailboxes from a single account
  • Add notes and delegate conversations internally
  • Create a knowledge base (e.g. FAQs, documentation) on your website


  • Free Trial for 15 days
  • Custom

22. Facebook Chat by Beeketing

This handy app by Beeketing lets you chat with customers via Facebook Messenger right on your store.

The feature makes it convenient for customers to communicate with you simply by tapping on the Messenger button on your website.


Plus, they get to save the chat history and context too. Meanwhile, you get to personalize your conversations because they’re talking to you via their personal Facebook profiles.

The app works seamlessly across all devices, takes up very little space on your site, and lets you customize the icon/chat box color and position.

Key Features:

  • Live chat via Facebook Messenger on your store
  • Works seamlessly across all devices
  • Customizable icon, chat box, color and position
  • One-click install


  • Free
  • Shopify Apps for Reporting and Analysis

23. Compass 

This popular app lets you view 30+ metrics all in one powerful dashboard.

Shopify’s #1 rated reporting app, Compass comes with tons of features that match those offered by top consulting firms for only a fraction of the cost.

Along with enabling access to multiple metrics and reports, the app also offers tailored recommendations and best practices so you can boost your revenue and profitability. You can also view data from multiple sources on your Compass dashboard, including from Google Analytics and Amazon.

Key Features:

  • Track 30+ eCommerce metrics
  • Enterprise-level analytics and reporting
  • Benchmarks, industry insights, tailored recommendations and best practices
  • View data from different sources in one dashboard


  • Free basic features
  • Paid premium features

24. Semantics3 Analytics

This powerhouse of an app lets you track all your store data and individual visitor activity with just a few clicks.


But it doesn’t stop there. It also helps you use visitor activity to identify your most profitable customers.

The app also lets you access 16 built-in reports that help you understand your data better. You can also keep tabs on certain products and view the areas that need improvement.

The best part about this app is, it’s completely free of cost!

Key Features:

  • 16 reports categorized by customer, sales, product, cart, and visitor.
  • View customer browsing and purchase history, churn rate, lifetime value etc.
  • Keep tabs on the most popular products
  • Focus on lost revenue to see the areas you can improve


  • Free

There are hundreds of great Shopify apps out there, but it can get confusing to choose. That’s why we have shortlisted some of the best ones out there in 2018 guaranteed to help you increase your sales and grow your business.

However, remember that what works for your business might not work for another. Focus on your goals and requirements before you decide to pick the perfect app for your business.

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