Affiliate Marketing Manager

Grow your audience, boost your sales and attract more high intent shoppers with the help of our Affiliate Network of publishers.

Your Affiliate Marketing Program Management, Simplified

From one convenient platform, you can manage nearly every aspect of your Affiliate Marketing program. Activate your product data feed, connect with publishers, pay out commissions, measure results and much more with Sales & Orders.


Connect With Publishers

Engage with our network of Affiliate Publishers right in the S&O platform.

Browse our ever growing network of Affiliate Publishers and choose who you want to work with based on their custom profiles, or set yourself up to be an appealing partner so publishers want to reach out to you directly.


Customize Your Offers

Pick and choose which products you want to make available for Affiliate Marketing.

Whether you want to make your entire catalog available or only a handful of products, you can create the Affiliate Marketing Program that best suits your goals. And if your goals change, you can just as quickly adjust your Affiliate Marketing strategy with our platform.


Track Your Progress

With in-depth reporting down to the click you can make truly informed decisions.

Real-time Affiliate Marketing metrics reporting helps you fully understand the effectiveness of your program. From clicks and conversions to sales and commission payouts, you'll fully understand how your Affiliate Marketing program is performing.

Publishers Help You Grow Your Business

Connect with our ever-growing network of Affiliate publishers and get your products in front of audiences you may not have reached before.
Give the Publishers the tools they need to market your products while you sit back and watch the results come in.
Set competitive commissions to attract more publishers to your catalog or use outreach messaging to invite publishers to work with your brand all in the same platform.

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Small Change, Huge Results

Getting started with our Affiliate Marketing platform is easy! And with hundreds of publishers and an intuitive platform you, too, can see your brand and sales grow with Sales & Orders

Over 1 Million

Unique Clicks

Over $2 Million

In Sales



Reporting That Tells The Whole Story

Track your Affiliate Marketing performance from the highest-level overview down to a granular look at individual publisher results.
Review individual transactions made through your Affiliate publishers so you can tailor your marketing strategy to ongoing data trends.
Evaluate product performance to determine which you should direct your publishers to push more and which to scale back or remove from your plan

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