Ask an E-Commerce Specialist About Coronavirus:  Episode #1

The other day I had the absolute pleasure of hosting our first in the line of our AMA series with my colleague and dear friend Julie, Supervisor to our Managed Services team here at Sales & Orders. We discussed top tips for what e-commerce retailers should be focusing on during the coronvirus pandemic.

Who is Julie?

Aside from being the Supervisor to our Managed Services team, Julie is a big agency transplant with an extensive background in PPC management for large scale clients and nationally-recognized franchises. Julie specializes in Search or Text Ads and brought all her expertise here to Sales & Orders – adapting many of her unique strategies and insights into how we help retailers succeed online through advertising on channels like Google and Microsoft (Bing).

In her role has a Supervisor here, Julie also spends a good portion of her time mentoring new and existing “Sandos” (what we call ourselves, our re-imagining of the term “employees”) as they learn from her background and knowledge in PPC for e-commerce businesses.

ecommerce coronavirus

What did Julie have to say?

You can of course see below and watch for yourself, but Julie and I touched on some incredibly important things that e-commerce store owners need to be focusing on and taking stock of as the continued spread of COVID-19 throughout the world is changing the game entirely for retailers.

Some of the key takeaways:

      1. Negative Keywords: Using search term analytics and the help of our app, Julie uncovered a large number of “new” broad terms that are leading to more waste than profit.
      2. Ad Copy: Making small adjustments to your ad copy can vastly improve shopper experience and reinforce expectations from ad click to store visit
      3. “Thinking Outside the Box”: Julie brings up how some of her clients are making small, lesser thought of adjustments that have had a great impact on their performance

Check it out!