Ask an E-Commerce Specialist About Coronavirus:  Episode #2

Sr. E-Commerce Specialist and transplant from our Marketing Department Rich Aviles joins me in our second episode of Ask an E-Commerce Specialist with even more insight into trends in e-commerce right now and some advice for retailers.

Who is Rich?

With a solid background in marketing, Rich began his career in the car sales industry, overseeing content, social media, and more for local dealerships. 

Rich happens to be one of our most “cross-trained” Sandos here as he has split his time between working with customers, working with me in our Marketing department, and has even stepped in on the support side of things helping merchants onboard to our app.


Rich specializes in small to medium-sized stores, helping business owners drive more traffic and generate more revenue through channels like Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram.

What did Rich have to say?

Some of the key takeaways:

      1. Run Promotions: Leverage programs like Merchant Promotions in Google Merchant Center and re-emphasize the offering from ad click to store visit
      2. Cut Out Waste: Rich spoke on the importance of reducing wasted advertising spend and reallocating that spend to other products or aspects of your marketing
      3. Keep It Personal: About halfway through, Rich mentions the importance of recognizing the need to personalize your customer experience especially now more so than ever before

Watch below!