Ask an E-Commerce Specialist About Coronavirus:  Episode #3

One of our top-notch Enterprise Account Specialists Keith Hochler joined me for some more discussion on what e-commerce business owners should be doing while we all still face the reality of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Who Is Keith?

Not just a big agency transplant. Keith Hochler has managed ad campaigns for some of the largest brands in existence including IBM and the Darden Restaurants – the corporate heading of such favorites as Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, and The Capital Grille.

Keith and I have actually worked together even outside of S&O and it was such an honor to get to chat with my longtime friend and colleague.

Today, at S&O, Keith is one of our Enterprise Specialists helping larger brands and retailers achieve their e-commerce digital marketing goals through expert management of Google, Microsoft (Bing), and Facebook/Instagram ads.

FUN FACT: Keith’s earliest career path had him in broadcast media and sports photography where he got to meet some super famous people

ecommerce covid-19 tips

What did Keith have to say?

Check out the full video below, but here are some of the key takeaways from Keith:

      1. Efficient Bid Management: A big killer for retailers is overspending right now without converting so finding the right bid strategies and not changing bids too often is key
      2. Mobile-First Strategy: A semi-unique trend, but shoppers are starting to turn to mobile devices more so than ever before and you need to be there to capture that audience
      3. Data-Driven Decision Making: Let the data tell you what to do and don’t make changes so often that you cannot recover from the consequences quickly enough