Bing Ads Has Now Become Microsoft Advertising

Just earlier today, Microsoft announced that it has rebranded Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising and with it is seeking to usher in a new era for its suite of ad products such as the Microsoft Audience Network.

The shift’s focus rests heavily for marketers, advertisers, and business owners as advancing the available toolkit within the Microsoft suite seems to be the primary goal.

Microsoft Audience Network

Within the blog post, Microsoft noted the expansion of the Microsoft Audience Network’s capabilities through enhancements for data tracking and image upload management.

Additionally, expansion to the UK and Canada for the audience network are set for launch in the very near future.

The network relies heavily on the use of AI in allowing advertisers to better reach their target markets through data-driven insight.

Sponsored Products

Exciting news for the retail market, Microsoft is rolling out a new ad “format” for Shopping in their Sponsored Products.

Also known as Cooperative Bidding, Sponsored Products aims to help brands and manufacturers reach more customers by working together. Sponsored Products are also eligible for agencies and their clients who wish to partner together.

These parties essentially partner up and split the cost of advertising products in an effort to generate more traffic and sales which both benefit from.

From Microsoft:

“Both the manufacturer and the retailer have key roles in setting up cooperative bidding. Manufacturers must upload a product feed. Retailers must grant their partners access to their Microsoft Merchant Center store, which is the gateway to a sales channel. Both manufacturers and retailers are then able to bid on the shared list of goods in the product feed through ad groups.”

As of right now, Sponsored Products is still very much in Beta. To express interest in joining the program, you must complete a request form issued by Microsoft.

What About Bing?

Bing will remain the searcher/consumer facing aspect of search, so as a channel itself nothing has changed.

While Bing may be the primary search, Microsoft is now also responsible for search on both AOL and Yahoo through its 2019 partnership with Verizon Media. Bing is now the exclusive search engine employed by both channels.