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  • Sando Spotlight: Scott Coppola

    Sando Spotlight: Scott Coppola

    We are happy to start 2023 by recognizing the talents of an enormously valued team member here- Scott! If you’ve ever used the Sales & Orders live chat for support, you’ve likely had the pleasure of speaking with Scott. For over five years, Scott has been a support team member who manages the live chat […]

  • Sando Spotlight: Jesus Cunningham

    Sando Spotlight: Jesus Cunningham

    September 15 to October 15th is Hispanic Heritage month. It is a time to celebrate the achievements of Hispanics and recognize their integral role in shaping the United States. We’d like to take this time to honor and showcase the talented Hispanics we have on our team that have made enormous contributions to Sales & […]

  • Sando Spotlight: Taisha DeAza

    Sando Spotlight: Taisha DeAza

    Since joining the team in 2021, Taisha DeAza has not only helped her many clients succeed, but has been an integral part in the growth of the Sales & Orders company culture.

  • Sando Spotlight: Rebecca Kender

    Sando Spotlight: Rebecca Kender

    Here at Sales & Orders, we define ourselves not only by our software and services, but by the team of people who help make our company, culture and retailers succeed.  With this in mind, we’re beginning a series of Employee (Sando) Spotlights that will introduce our amazing team to the world!