Coronavirus: The Top 3 Questions Ecommerce Retailers Are Asking

As we are approaching or basically in the “peak” of the coronavirus pandemic and spread of COVID-19 in not only our state but also our local community, we’ve continued to receive an outpouring of both questions and support from store owners.

Being that Sales & Orders is based on Long Island, in New York, our entire team is continuing to work from home – remaining fully available during our regular office hours.

Many e-commerce store owners have been faced with the incredibly difficult decisions quite literally forced upon them during thiese difficult times. The fear of having to lay off employees or even cease operations entirely is not only real but has come to pass for some.

Our Chief Marketing Officer Tony Capetola spent some time combing through the questions retailers are asking and here are three that have come up most often:

      1. Should I stop advertising?
      2. If I don’t stop, where should I be advertising?
      3. What should I be advertising right now?

Along with a message from us to you, this video covers top tips and advice for retailers and how they can navigate marketing their products.