COVID-19 Google Ads Credits Arrive in the US

Exciting news all around! Only a few days after seeing those COVID-19 ad credits from Google Ads delivered to accounts in Australia and New Zealand, now accounts in the states are getting them too.

Google had originally mentioned that the COVID-19 ad credits would roll out starting May 2020, and they have certainly kept to that promise.

While Google Ads account owners in the US had to wait just a bit longer, we have now begun to see the ad credits roll in.

US COVID-19 Google Ads Credits

How much each advertiser receives varies account to account, but we have yet to spot any credit below $100 USD.

Small and medium sized businesses who had spent with a Google Ads account in ten out of twelve months of 2019, and in January and/or February of 2020 were eligible to receive the benefit as part of a $340 million dollar effort to combat the effects that the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 had on businesses.

As we had mentioned before, other regions such as Australia and New Zealand were some of the very first to receive the ad credits.

A Big Help for the SMBs

The coronavirus pandemic did and continues to affect us all, and not just here in the United States, but across the globe.

While some locations, such as our native New York, have seemingly gotten through some of the worst of it (the peak or the curve if you may) – other regions are fighting rises numbers in positive cases and hospitalizations.

Now that the ad credits have hit the US though, many business owners can begin to breath (if only slightly) a sigh of relief.

It is especially reassuring for businesses that are 100% digital in nature, such as e-commerce stores without any brick and mortar presence. These funds should give many of the smaller to small-medium store owners a leg up in keeping their advertising afloat.

Track Usage in Google Ads

Something we did not get to see until now is how advertisers can begin to track how their account is utilizing the relief credit.

COVID-19 Google Ads Credits for US

As the message reads:

The COVID-19 relief ad credit has been automatically applied to your account & will immediately begin crediting your future spend (your account activity after the “Date redeemed” below)

If your account is currently showing ads
You’re all set. You’ll see the amount of the credit already used in the “Spent from promotion” column below and on your Transactions page.

Any unspent credit will roll over to the next billing cycle, until you’ve used it all or it expires on December 31, 2020. The credit can’t be transferred to another account.

If your account is not currently showing ads
The credit will apply as soon as you start running ads again. Until then, this page and your Transaction page will show no usage of the credit



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