Customer Spotlight: Christmas Central

As we get ready for the Christmas holidays, we wanted to bring attention to our clients: Christmas Central.

Christmas Central is a family-oriented business that has been around since the 1970s. After 30 years of growth, they decided to expand their brick-and-mortar business and created a site in 2004 that allowed them to bring the holiday cheer directly to the consumer, nationwide.

Owned-and-operated by the Gordon family, they take pride in their smallest ornaments just as much as they would their largest tree. Laura Gordan, who serves as the Director of Communication at Christmas Central, is the prime coordinator of Christmas Central. She has been a staple in helping the company advance every year and has helped them expand on their most popular items.They continue to work towards growth and ensuring that they have a product that resonates with every type of customer.

Christmas Central had this to say about Sales & Orders:

“Working with Sales & Orders gives us peace of mind during the busy Christmas season when sales skyrocket and the costs for Google Ads spike. We know we can trust them to keep costs down while getting our products in front of the right audience.

Sales & Orders offers straightforward solutions based on their extensive knowledge of Google products. Having a dedicated point person who understands our company’s needs and is ready to make quick changes gives us a competitive advantage during the fourth quarter.”

Here at Sales & Orders, we are grateful to be a part of Christmas Central’s journey. We are excited to continue to watch them grow for many more years to come. Visit for beautiful seasonal decor and everything you need at Christmas related for this Holiday season.