E-Commerce Game Changer: Remarketing Audiences for Bing Shopping Campaigns

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the e-commerce industry several years into the future, and merchants must be thinking about how to do the same with their advertising.

Over the course of the past few months, we have seen our merchants and advertisers serve over one billion additional ads across channels like Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram.

What does that tell us? 

Omnichannel is the way to a brighter future, more customers, increased sales, and the expansion of one’s brand.

More so than not (and simply by speaking to merchants so often), I know that e-commerce business owners are not close to being aware of the power of expanding their advertising to channels outside of the immediate thought of Google.

Did you know that upwards of over 40 million consumers start their purchase journey on Bing? Wait, what do you mean you aren’t advertising on Bing?

Well, the time is nigh – especially with the introduction of Remarketing Audiences in Microsoft Advertising for your Bing Shopping Campaigns.

How to set up Bing Remarketing Audiences in Microsoft Advertising

To get started, you first need to have audiences already created within Microsoft Advertising. Below is a quick, step by step walkthrough on getting an Audience set up for the first time:

  • Starting from your Microsoft Advertising account, click Shared Library from the lower left menu
  • On the Shared Library page, click View Audiences
  • Important Note: Ensure that your Microsoft Advertising UET tag has been set up and added to your website
  • Click Create remarketing list on this next page
  • In the New remarketing list menu, you will select the appropriate Tag for this audience, and then configure your audience settings
  • Click Save once you are all set
Now Available in Sales & Orders: Bing Remarketing Audiences
Not too long ago we released Bing Remarketing Audiences in Sales & Orders, adding to the already powerful array of tools and features available to drive more traffic and increase sales through Bing Shopping campaigns in Microsoft Advertising.
With this feature release, we are making it far easier to grow with Bing and bringing more transparency to your performance marketing with campaigns such as Shopping Ads.
Adding Audiences in S&O

From the Bing Campaign Manager in our app, navigate to the new Audiences tab:

It’s important to note that you may have to Import Audiences initially and any time you create new Audiences as Microsoft Ads will not sync these in real time.

Yet, much like Google, you can get started adding Audiences by clicking Add Audiences

  • Select a campaign to be edited
  • Optional: Select an Ad Group if you wish to have the audience only associated with that particular one in the campaign
  • Select the Audience you wish to add
  • Set your Bid Multiplier – a % increase or decrease to your bids just for this audience that is automatic
  • In Targeting Settings, its important to note that “Target and Bid” will force your ads to only display to the Audience. Thus, its highly recommended to set this to Bid only
  • Once satisfied, click Create

Should you ever want to edit an audience you have previously set up, simply click on the green pencil icon next to any of them to open the editing menu.

A Big Win for Medical Products & Supplies

Google is far more restrictive when it comes to remarketing for companies selling medical products and supplies.

Often, products in feeds in Merchant Center are disapproved almost instantly due to “Health in personalized advertising.”

Not so with Microsoft Advertising and Bing.

This adds tremendous value to Bing Shopping campaigns in this retail vertical, one that, as of late, has seen surges in traffic and sales.

Especially so when you consider the paid click share on laptops and desktops in Bing’s retail and health verticals: