Meta Updates Minimum Listing Requirements For Checkout Enabled Facebook/Instagram Shops

With Q4 fast approaching, Meta has pushed new minimum listing requirements for retailers utilizing Facebook/Instagram Shops. This move is meant to improve the customer experience for multiple reasons, including encouraging more repeat customers.

The updates officially took effect July 18, 2022.

“We want to ensure customers have a positive experience making purchases on your Facebook or Instagram Shop so they are encouraged to become repeat visitors,” says the Meta Catalog Product Team. “To help improve the buyer experience and ensure that your potential customers have the details they need about your products, we are changing the minimum amount of information required about products in Shops enabled with checkout.”

As a reminder, the Facebook/Instagram Shops Checkout enables shoppers to purchase from your store straight from your Shop rather than clicking through to your full website. This feature has brought a new level of convenience for both retailers and shoppers alike, creating a streamlined sales process that reduces friction and encourages higher conversion rates.

The new requirements for checkout include:

  1. Item descriptions can’t be the same as the title: Add additional information about the item to the description so it’s not identical to the title. Descriptions can’t contain links: Remove links in descriptions.
  2. Images need to be at least 500×500 pixels: Update or switch the main product image to one that meets our requirements.
  3. Google or Facebook product categories must be listed: Ensure each item has a Google or Facebook product category, or that automatic categories are turned on.
  4. Items in specific product categories must include size: Add size information to items in applicable product categories.
  5. Items can not remain out of stock for more than 56 consecutive days: If the item is actually in stock, update its “quantity to sell on Facebook” to 1 or higher, and its “availability” to in stock. 

Retailers may choose to manually upload these product updates using Meta’s platform or any third-party platform that connects to the interface.

Sales & Orders data feed management platform users are able to make these updates quickly and easily from our feed tool.

Need any assistance updating your Facebook feed to meet these new requirements? Contact support via email or in-app live chat!



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