More Updates For Google Merchant Center 2017

Nope! You aren’t seeing doubles. Well, sort of, at least. About a month ago we reported on the new feeds experience in Google Merchant Center.

Yesterday, Inside AdWords revealed what we didn’t get to mention last time.

SPOTLIGHT: Opportunities

What I would consider my favorite thus far, the new Opportunities section of Merchant Center provides retailers and advertisers guidance on feed optimizations in the form of interactive “cards.”

Right now, Google has said that cards with dynamically update based on errors in your feed. However, unlike standard Merchant Center diagnostics and error reporting, these cards take it a step forward by providing insight into:

  • Forecasted click performance which may result from fixing errors
  • Expected effort required to perform error fixes/feed optimizations

Here’s a preview of the UI (courtesy of Inside AdWords):

opportunities (1).png

As it’s still very fresh, we are seeing only a few accounts starting to populate cards in the Opportunities tab.

Just before the holidays though, this makes for a great little stocking stuffer for retailers on or looking to get on Google Shopping.

We’re excited because, as Google said “but, this is only the beginning — expect more opportunity types in the future.”

Our team is eager to see what is in store for the new Opportunities in Merchant Center.

 Be sure to catch the full story (with a few other updates) on Inside AdWords!