New Sales & Orders Features: Just in Time for the Holidays

Today, we are proud to announce the official release of 3 major platform updates for Sales & Orders Management Software for Google Shopping.

Over the course of 2017 our engineers have been hard at work adding even more scalability for retailers of all sizes looking to make the most out of Google Shopping as part of their omnichannel marketing endeavors.

Google Shopping Auto-Pilot

With the new Auto-Pilot feature, Sales & Orders users will now have the option for key Google Shopping campaign efforts, from campaign creation to bid updates and adding new products from Merchant Center, to be completely automated.

Users will also have access to the Primary Reporting Dashboard, which provides a snapshot of performance data, and can update campaign-level settings such as daily budgets, geo-targeting and device modifiers.

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Automated bidding will be optimized via the Bid Suggestion Engine which scores individual products based on performance and how they are tracking towards profitability. As with all bidding using Sales & Orders, unique Max CPC bids on a product-by-product basis are applied and then shipped to one’s campaigns in AdWords.

The feature is available at a starting price of $50 per month and includes the same expert support from our team of specialists.

Competitive Repricing Tool



For retailers looking to score a more definitive edge against the competition (not only this holiday season but year long), the Competitive Repricing Tool offers a unique way to not only source one’s top competitors on Google Shopping, but also set product-level price adjustments using a simple-to-use rule-based system.


After accessing the paid upgrade, the system will automatically run a Top 25 Competitors research and display a breakdown of vital metrics and, on a per-product basis, show the relationship to one’s product pricing in comparison to the lowest and average prices on the market.

Using Pricing Rules, users can then set criteria to adjust pricing within the Sales & Orders platform. Once satisfied, a quick export to a .CSV file will then allow retailers to upload new pricing to their E-Commerce website to finalize a change.

Request a full demo and inqiure about pricing plans and additional features.

Campaign Automation Rules


With Campaign Automation, users are now able to generate custom rules that will automatically perform bid updates to their Google Shopping campaigns as well as add new products to their campaigns.

This feature allows for full customization, allowing users to specify frequency of task performance, how to adjust bids, which filters to use, and more.

Automation Rules can be added to any subscription plan for only $50 per month.