Sales & Orders Launches Extension for Magento 2

Everyone here on our team is extremely excited and proud to announce that our extension for Magento 2 has officially launched in the Magento Marketplace.

This marks our third major ecommerce integration to launch in the past 2 years.

Now, all the benefits of our platform, Marketing Software Built for Ecommerce, can be accessed more seamlessly by the Magento community of retailers, marketers, and developers. This includes our:

  • Product Feed Tool
  • Ad Campaign Managers for Google, Bing, and Facebook/Instagram
  • Repricer
  • New Affiliate Marketing Network – Open BETA

As with our apps for other major platforms, BigCommerce and Shopify, our Magento extension helps connects retailers with a wide array of vital tools that ecommerce businesses need to take their marketing and advertising to entirely new heights.


What makes Sales & Orders unlike other companies or extension developers is we have a truly deeper knowledge of the Magento platform, being that we were once an ecommerce design and development firm. Throughout the years we have built and designed numerous Magento stores, and many of those very same retailers continue to work with our platform and team today.

We’d like to thank the Magento Partner team for all their help in making this possible!

Getting Started Guide

Click Here Access Sales & Orders in the Magento Marketplace

The Sales & Orders extension supports both the Community and Enterprise editions of Magento starting from version 2.1 – you can find current version of Magento installed on your website  in the lower right corner of any backend page.

You must have permissions to write to the root and sub folders to be able to successfully install the module.

When you’re ready, download our Magento 2 installation guide by clicking the link below. Follow the directions throughout the deck.


If you have any questions or need any assistance, do note hesitate to contact our team via in-app Live Chat!