Sando Spotlight: Herman Rosa

As we near the end of Hispanic Heritage month on October 15th, we wanted to bring tribute to one of our long standing Hispanic Sando members- Herman Rosa!  With almost six years at Sales & Orders, Herman is a highly valuable member team. As a Paid Analyst, he manages digital ads for businesses of all sizes and helps them drive more online sales. To accomplish this, he leverages shopping ads on paid search channels like Google, Bing, and Facebook. 

Herman’s favorite part about his job is seeing his client’s accomplish their revenue goals. 

 “I get the most pleasure when I find out from clients how the growth we have experienced working together has helped them hire more employees, sign a new warehouse lease, or finally being able to afford that new car they always wanted,” says Herman. 

Herman takes pride in his Dominican roots and culture. In his words, “Part of what makes S&O a great workplace is the diversity and acceptance of people.  I grew up in Queens, the most extensive melting pop in the world. Learned to ride a bike under the famous Globe structure in Flushing Meadow Park. I was influenced by many cultures and gained friends from all backgrounds. Being Hispanic, I feel a responsibility to my family to be successful. Not everyone has a chance to be here in the U.S. That is something I don’t take for granted.” 

When Herman is not working, he is a gaming expert. He is accompanied by his two dogs, dachshunds named Hershey and Chichi, and his wonderful girlfriend, Frenchie.

We appreciate all the tremendous contributions Herman has brought to Sales & Orders. 

Herman, we value you and thank you for being such an outstanding member of our team.