Sando Spotlight: Jesus Cunningham

September 15 to October 15th is Hispanic Heritage month. It is a time to celebrate the achievements of Hispanics and recognize their integral role in shaping the United States. We’d like to take this time to honor and showcase the talented Hispanics we have on our team that have made enormous contributions to Sales & Orders.

Jesus Cunningham started his career in digital marketing three years ago. After running his own Amazon storefront, Jesus realized he had a strong passion for marketing and advertising. He switched his major to Marketing and has hit the ground running ever since. Jesus has been a Paid Analyst in our Managed Services team for about 10 months. We have been lucky to watch him continuously evolve as a dedicated team member, and most recently, as a new dad!

Jesus takes pride in the multicultural household he was raised in. With Spanish, Cuban, French, and Jamaican roots, one of his favorite parts about coming from such a diverse background is all the amazing home-cooked meals he had on a regular basis. 

Jesus’ grandparents from both sides were first-generation immigrants. He credits his grandparents to opening the door for his family in the United states. He says, “There are certain struggles that Hispanic Americans faced and still face while growing up, but that also applies to most minorities. I believe overcoming and learning from that adversity and pressure can lead us to excel in both our personal as well as professional lives.”

We are grateful to have Jesus as a part of our team and look forward to seeing his continuous success.