Scott Coppola

Sando Spotlight: Scott Coppola

We are happy to start 2023 by recognizing the talents of an enormously valued team member here- Scott!

If you’ve ever used the Sales & Orders live chat for support, you’ve likely had the pleasure of speaking with Scott. For over five years, Scott has been a support team member who manages the live chat for the Sales & Orders application.
Our customers have always admired Scott’s diligence in ensuring their issues get resolved in a timely fashion. When asked what he enjoys about his job, he answered, “I love what I do- I was on the Retail side of the business for 14 years so I really enjoy giving others the support I wish I had received back then.”

His co-workers can vouch that Scott means what he says. On the rare occasion that he does not know an answer to a client’s question, Scott will find who and what he needs to resolve his client’s issues. His passion showcases his love and admiration for his work and, above all, his integrity to consistently deliver to all Sales & Orders clients. It is no surprise to anyone at Sales & Orders that Scott has garnered the most positive reviews of anyone within the company.

While at work, he brightens our day with his humorous personality and outgoing charisma. When he’s not working, Scott’s a busy family man and a doting father to his two kids, Kasey and Kyle. Scott also loves sports and sits back to relax with some ice hockey and golf- only when he’s not coaching his son’s travel baseball team.

On behalf of everyone at Sales & Orders, we are honored to be working with you, Scott! We admire you and all of your hard work. We thank you for always bringing a great attitude to work and making every one of us smile. Cheers to another great year at Sales & Orders!