Sando Spotlight: Taisha DeAza

Since joining the team in 2021, Taisha DeAza has not only helped her many clients succeed, but has been an integral part in the growth of the Sales & Orders company culture.

Taisha brought 6 years of marketing experience with her when she became a member of our Client Success team. With a wide array of industry knowledge, ranging from toys and games to lawyers and doctors, she brings a unique outlook to every retailer she works with.

The start of her career was brought on by her interest in helping her fathers’ multiple businesses grow. She became involved in efforts on numerous fronts, which ultimately led to her working on lead generation and branding.

From this point on, her passion for marketing and advertising grew into a successful career, spanning multiple industries and marketing styles.

Taisha certainly doesn’t define herself by her professional achievements only, and outside of work she is equally as invested in not only her hobbies, but her family first and foremost.

“Enormously family oriented, everything I do in life, both personally and professionally,  is to make my family proud,” said DeAza.

A self-proclaimed connoisseur and gastronome, Taisha has been to over 15 countries including her parents’ home country, the Dominican Republic. She enjoys having conversations with people from all over the world, and indulging in the many different cultures she has encountered.

She is also an avid reader and writer. In fact, Taisha is a published author. Her first book, a young adult fiction novel titled Frail, was published when she was in high school.

Her many professional and life experiences have led to her successful tenure at Sales & Orders, and has helped elevate her to become Sales & Orders first ever Director of Diversity & Inclusion.

And with her many past successes, there is no doubt this will be yet another for Taisha as her journey with Sales & Orders continues into the future!