Sleevey Wonders Levels Up Their Marketing With Sales & Orders

At Sales & Orders, we are pleased to support and empower women-owned businesses. After years of using her creativity and artistry to incorporate specialty sleeves into her clothes, Ruthann Greenblat founded Sleevey Wonders, “a patented, reversible slip-on sleeves that are made to wear under sleeveless tops and strapless dresses as a creative solution for women who don’t love the look of their bare arms”. Sleevey Wonders finds beauty in women of all ages, colors, sizes and shapes. 

The goal is to be fashionable, comfortable and confident with your body. You can mix and match for the look that you are want. All sleeves are reversible and come in a variety of different styles and sizes.

“Sleevey Wonders are the Original slip-on sleeves, made to transform anything sleeveless into something new and beautiful – covering your arms, without covering your outfit! They are designed to give the illusion of being part of your top or dress, and are so versatile – the same style can be worn with a casual tank top, a professional outfit and even a glamorous gown,” says Greenblat.

“You can also take one sleeveless top or dress and give it totally different looks by wearing different styles of Sleevey Wonders underneath! We are a mother-daughter business, and are all about making women of all ages and sizes feel beautiful, confident and happy! We make everything in the USA.”

Sleevey Wonders' owner Ruthann Greenblat worked with Sales & Orders to grow their online business with shopping ads on multiple channels.
Ruthann Greenblat, Founder of Sleevey Wonders.

“Prior to the Pandemic, 90% of our business was wholesale, selling to boutiques all over the US and Canada. When the shutdown happened in 2020, so many of the boutiques closed for good. We had to transition to selling retail, directly to online customers, and that is when we started with Sales & Orders. They have helped tremendously with this transition by advertising on the various search engines to bring new customers to us every day!”

Sleevey Wonder has been around since 2009. It is a unique patented invention that is truly a truly versatile FASHION SOLUTION. The items can be worn under anything. Anything as simple as a tank top, professional attire, or even dress formal. Additionally, some Sleevey Wonder sleeves can even cover up tattoos.

Ruthann Greenbelt, the inventor, is an artist and designer who sees fashion as a form of expression. From her own uncomfortable experiences with clothes she thought that other women must have felt that way too and started Sleevey Wonders to build the confidence of women by embracing their beauty with sleeves.

“I have such deep gratitude for all of you who have nurtured and supported me through this birthing process. I also want to thank you, my customers, for joining our Sleevey Wonders family, and letting us help you transform your wardrobes,” said Greenblat.

Here are Sales & Orders, we are grateful to have been a part of Sleevey Wonders journey, and look forward to being a part of their continuous growth. 

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