US Business Resources in the Time of Coronavirus

Everyone is feeling it, I certainly can attest to that myself and can speak on behalf of all of us here at Sales & Orders as we are living in an entirely new world here in the states.

We want to make sure that US-based business owners, ecommerce and not ecommerce alike, are aware of some of the well and even lesser known programs and opportunities out there for information, relief, and guidance.

Below you’ll find a list we’ve curated of some of the top resources for businesses now facing the fallout of the coronavirus outbreak and mounting concern over COVID-19 transmission.

Click anything from the lists below to view/access the resources:

    1. CDC – Resources for Businesses and Employers –  Plan and prepare with the help of the CDC with recommendations and guidance on things such as sanitation protocols for the workplace
    2. US Chamber of Commerce –  Resources to help small business owners in preparation for now and what is to come. A “how to survive” series of guidance measures
    3. US Small Business Administration – Important information on unique programs such as the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program and other capital resource options
    4. IRS / Internal Revenue Service – The Internal Revenue Service has established a dedicated set of resources for both individuals and business owners impacted by coronavirus
    5. Creative Planning – An excellent PDF, their Quick Reference Guide For COVID-19 Assistance Packages is must have take-home
    6. Google Ad Credits – Google Ads will be issuing free ad credits to Small and Medium sized businesses in the coming months
    7. Facebook Small Business Grants – Facebook is offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits for up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in over 30 countries
    8. American Express – Amex is waiving interest, late fees on accounts requesting COVID-19 relief and business owners can also refer to their Working Capital Terms to strengthen cashflow
    9. Chase Consumer Banking – A message from CEO Thasunda Brown Duckett and helpful information for Chase account and card holders

I urge business owners and employers to also seek out resources available to you locally by way of your town, city, and/or state government websites.

If you are coming to us from abroad, the same holds true to seek out similar resources through your local and national governments.

Productivity Resources

As we already know, many businesses with a substantial digital footprint have had to go 100% remote to protect staff and the families of staff members.

Here are a few extras to be aware of so you can stay on top of team productivity and communication:

    1. Microsoft Teams – A product we here at Sales & Orders use internally, Microsoft is committed to making Teams more accessible to organizations
    2. Zoom – One of the leaders in online meeting, Zoom is widely used by organizations for remote meetings and even for holding webinars (BONUS: They have a FREE TIER)
    3. Google Hangouts – For organizations who cannot use Google Meet (part of the Gsuite package deal) Hangouts is still available for video conferencing and its totally free to use
    4. Compltit – A personal favorite of ours, Compltit is a Project Management Software with a generous free plan for a single user and super low cost options for teams of any size or type
    5. Trello – You can never go wrong with Trello, one of the easiest task and project management tools out there that is completely free to use (part of the Atlassian family of products)



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