We’ve Fast-Tracked Merchant Center Setup for Microsoft Advertising!

To help ecommerce businesses get selling on Bing faster and easier than ever before, we’ve partnered with Microsoft Advertising to enable fast-tracked approvals for Microsoft Merchant Center Stores.

A labor of love! Our engineering team pushed hard while working closely with our Partner Team at Microsoft Advertising to launch a far more streamlined process for ecommerce merchants looking to sell on Bing with Shopping Campaigns.

Setting Microsoft Merchant Center with an Approved Store, what was once a process that could take a few days to complete, can now be accomplished in as little as 5 minutes for merchants leveraging our award-winning platform.

Setting Up Microsoft Advertising & Merchant Center

Not only can we now fast-track Merchant Center Store approval, but merchants without an existing Microsoft Advertising account can now use Sales & Orders to set one up as well:

Microsoft Advertising Shopping Campaigns

With this update to our platform merchants can have their Microsoft Advertising account and an Approved Store in Microsoft Merchant Center fully set up and configured in mere minutes.

Fast-Tracked Microsoft Merchant Center Store Approvals

Only merchants who go through our new onboarding wizard for Microsoft Advertising will have access to this new fast-tracking program for approved Stores.

After the onboarding wizard in Sales & Orders has been completed, our app also automatically begins building a product feed (catalog) specifically for Microsoft Advertising – for use in Shopping Campaigns that show product ads on Bing:

Microsoft Bing Product Feed

Product feeds still go through the standard review and approval process by Microsoft Advertising as they normally would. 

Products (aka offers in Microsoft Merchant Center) can still be disapproved or rejected for not meeting product data standards or if they should violate any of Microsoft Advertising’s policies with regards to Shopping Campaigns.

Why is This so Important for Ecommerce Merchants?

Especially now more so than ever before AND the holiday selling season just around the corner, ecommerce businesses must seriously consider how important it is to employ an omnichannel approach to marketing and advertising their products online.

With just a little less than half of all consumers reported as starting their purchase journey on search engines PLUS the continued impact of the coronavirus pandemic on consumer behavior, forgoing an omnichannel approach is simply no longer an option for store owners.

Though many merchants may choose to invest most or ALL of their budget into Google, there are millions more retail searches that start on Bing instead.

Couple that with the extensive reach of the entire mix of owned and operated Microsoft Advertising properties such as Bing, Verizon Media properties Yahoo and AOL, and a search partner network that includes Forbes and The Wall Street Journal – and what you have is a massive audience to expose your products to.

Not Advertising on Bing yet? Get Started for Free with S&O!

As of July 2020, Microsoft Shopping Campaigns are now available for ecommerce businesses in the US, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, India, Austria, Belgium (BE-FR only), Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Sales & Orders was named the 2019 Bing Breakout Star of the year for our work in helping merchants not just onboard for Shopping Campaigns, but also for our efforts in helping grow ecommerce businesses as well.

Looking to get started? You can leverage our platform starting entirely free for up to 10,000 products with our Feed Tool and also when you spend up to $500 per month on ad campaigns!

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