We’ve Launched Our Bing Shopping Campaign Manager!

Not too long ago we announced the launch of our Bing Shopping Feed Tool which since then has allowed us to help more merchants expand their search marketing efforts.

Today, we are so very proud to unveil the next phase of this very much ongoing project: The Bing Shopping Campaign Manager.

This is the culmination of many months of hard work and we are beyond excited to now be able to provide an end-to-end solution for the merchants we support.

A big shout-out to our development team who all came together to develop another excellent tool to help online retailers make the most out of their paid search advertising.

This is also just the first part of a major roll-out of new and enhanced features in our platform. Please stay tuned in and keep an eye out for more exciting news!


Our team will be providing setup and onboarding guidance to ensure merchants experience a smooth transition to newly enhanced version interface.

Of course, users can also contact us in-app via our live chat system, email, or call as well. Our in-app HELP CENTER is being outfitted with support specifically regarding our Bing component.

Pricing & Services

Our team will continue to provide Bing as a managed service as well. DIY platform users will be able to add Bing for a flat additional $50 per month to access all features.

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By adding the Bing Shopping Manager, merchants will be able to access several new add-ons not only for campaign management but also expanded reporting features.

Expanded Menu

Easily switch between Google and Bing Managers, and also view reports on overall account performance. Queue up bulk tasks such as bid updates or adding new products and ship changes off to your respective accounts from the same master view.

Campaign Manager

Working off the same technology we developed originally for Google Shopping Ads, the Bing Campaign Manager makes regular bid and product management tasks an absolute breeze.

Merchants can also build new campaigns and ad groups from one place and oversee optimizations such as negative keyword management. Campaign and ad group level performance reports also available for a birds-eye view of Bing ads KPIs.

Use our Bid Suggestions to guide your Bing bidding decisions. Suggestions are based on profitability scoring and look to govern bids to help ensure you are keeping your margins.

Enhanced Analytics

Reporting includes separate dashboards for both Google and Bing as well as the aggregate view for all performance metrics across the two. Users can set different date ranges, export the dashboard as a PDF report, and set the dashboard view to compare date ranges.

You will also be able to access Pending changes such as bid updates and product adds directly from the aggregate dashboard. All reporting will include similar inherent features

  • Performance Chart: Adjust charted metrics
  • Financial Metrics: Track Sales, Profit and Loss
  • Ad Metrics: Overall ad performance aggregates
  • Merchant Center (Feed Stats): Overview diagnostics returned by search engine