We’ve Made Some Big Changes Here at Sales & Orders

We have adored helping thousands of merchants grow and succeed online over the years, and our commitment to that mission is as solid as it was when we first broke ground at Sales & Orders. As our merchant community has grown, so too must we adapt to the ever-evolving landscape.

As of September 1st, 2021, we have introduced some key changes to our pricing and billing structure. This will also kick off some exciting enhancements and new opportunities that we will be bringing to the S&O platform over the course of this year and 2022.

A Letter From Our Founders

Our free offer is a program that we created several years ago. It was designed with the intent to help us all grow together. We also thought about the program as a way of us giving back to the ecommerce community at large.

The program has been wildly successful, bigger than we ever imagined. We have been honored to work with the thousands of retailers, agencies, and partners who all made this program so successful.

We believe we have a bigger and much larger opportunity to help even more merchants than we have today. In the months and years to come we plan to continue providing you with not only the support that you have come to expect, but with new products, new advertising channels and new ways to grow your sales revenue.

As a Company we have decided that for us to be able to make that commitment to ourselves and to all the customers who have trusted us over the years we are going to be discontinuing our free offers effective September 1st.

This is not a decision we came to lightly and have spent a lot of time as an organization working on what is the right price point for our customers, and how we can best serve you. We hope that all merchants will find the new pricing to be affordable and the most cost effective in the market compared to similar offers.

As always, we will be looking for new ways to give back. New ways to help our retailers, and partners grow. As a Company that is our mission: To Help People & Companies Grow.

Here’s What We’ve Changed

Pricing & Plans

We’ve officially launched our new Pricing Plans here at Sales & Orders and have adjusted the tiers per each plan type. What’s more, we are still giving merchants a way to get started with Sales & Orders entirely FOR FREE:

  • 15-Day Free Trial: All NEW Sales & Orders users will be able to install and get started on our platform with an unlimited 15-day free trial providing full access to all features in S&O. Do note that Legacy Accounts that choose to cancel or those that are eventually removed from the system will not be able to access any Free Trial period afterwards.
  • Feeds-Only Plans: Merchants may choose to leverage S&O only to send product feeds to destinations like Google Shopping, Microsoft Bing, Facebook & Instagram. Learn More
  • Ads-Only Plans: If you have a Product Feed in Google Merchant Center already or are using another Feeds provider, you can still get full access to the ad campaign management tools and other marketing features within Sales & Orders. Learn More
  • Feeds + Ads: Combine our Feed Tool with ad campaign management and more across channels within S&O. Note that subscription costs are the combined total of your Feeds & Ads plans in this case.
  • Repricing: Merchants may now opt for 3 distinct Competitor Sync frequencies – Daily, Weekly, Monthly – with pricing based on total number of GTINs and based on which sync frequency is desired. Important to note that, at this time, the Repricer is not available in Free Trials. Learn More
  • Managed Services: We’ve adjusted only our starter Managed Services plan here at S&O by increasing the price by only an additional $50/month. With that though, all merchants will now gain access to more communication from dedicated account specialists. Learn More

Additional Highlights

While this release, in part, is to get every one of merchants on the same page, the changes we’ve made also allow for our platform and our team to better support our existing merchants and our growing base of new onboarding merchants here at Sales & Orders.

Some added core benefits in this change to mention:

Microsoft Bing & Affiliate Marketing Suite Always Included

Through our partnership with Microsoft Advertising, we are able to offer Microsoft Bing at no additional per feed or per channel cost to our merchants. This means that whether you want to send and/or advertise your products on 1 channel or 5 channels, you will always get Microsoft Bing as a channel for free!

Additionally, we are doing away entirely with any monthly subscription fees for our Affiliate Marketing Suite and thus access to these tools will never impact your Feeds and/or Ads subscription plan tiers. On top of that we have also standardized commission payouts for special Affiliate programs at Sales & Orders like Comparison Shopping Services.

Buy on Google Now an Official Channel

Originally, Buy on Google order syncing for either BigCommerce or Shopify stores included an Order Volume pricing set. As of September 1st, Buy on Google is now considered a Channel within our Ads Pricing tiers with NO ORDER VOLUME or additional pricing tied to it whatsoever!

More Features, For Less

In our previous structure, we introduced add-ons so merchants could pick and choose what tools they needed most. Now, we are rolling those features right into the new structure so merchants can not only get even more out of our platform, but won’t have to pay extra for those features as well!

Our Commitment to ALL Merchants

Regardless of how merchants work with us, whether it be through Self-Managed Plans or Managed Services, we continue to firmly believe in ensuring everyone has the same freedoms and controls over their accounts.

We never impose term contracts, charge hidden or additional fees on top of plans, and merchants can cancel Free Trials at anytime as well as request to cancel paid plans without any restrictions or penalties at all. 

Being known for our dedication to helping merchants of all shapes & sizes, we are continuing on with our 100% no-strings-attached free support via such channels as in-app Live Chat and Email.

We know that this is a big (and sudden) change, but know that we are ALWAYS here to help and guide you in any way that we can.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us via Live Chat or email us at support@salesandorders.com should you have any questions or need help with your account or to learn more about how you can grow your ecommerce business with Sales & Orders.