We’ve Partnered With BigCommerce & Launched ‘Google Shopping by Sales & Orders’!

Bethpage, NY – Sales & Orders, Premier Google Partner and creator of Management Software for Google Shopping, announced today it has partnered leading ecommerce platform provider BigCommerce to launch ‘Google Shopping by Sales & Orders,’ a native Product Feed Tool designed to help BigCommerce store owners effectively leverage the full capabilities Google Shopping.

The just-released Google Shopping app, which is fully integrated into BigCommerce and Google Merchant Center, is free-of-charge to all BigCommerce store owners and allows businesses to easily generate an approved product feed for use in Google Shopping campaigns in a matter of minutes, greatly streamlining product feed creation process by automating complex manual tasks.

“Thousands of BigCommerce merchants use Google Shopping to generate awareness, acquire new customers and drive revenue growth,” said Kevin McKeand, Vice President of Strategic Partner Management for BigCommerce. “Sales & Orders shares our commitment to helping merchants maximize success, and we’re excited to provide a powerful new selling tool to our customers in time for this holiday selling season.”  

App users will also gain access to exclusive feed editing and optimization tools as well as the opportunity to enable a paid Easy Campaign Creator feature which will automate the creation of pure, product SKU-structured (the deepest level of granularity possible) Shopping campaigns without needing to leave the BigCommerce control panel.

Officially founded in 2014 by Co-Founders Gregg Hanan and Bryan Natter, today Sales & Orders is the leading, unified platform for retailers and marketers to create, manage, analyze, and optimize their Google Shopping campaigns. The specialized Customer Success team also offers premium managed services for Google Shopping campaign management, Expanded Text Ads, Remarketing, Product Feed management, and Bing Shopping management.

“All of us here are beyond excited to be able to make a serious change in the lives of BigCommerce retailers looking to sell on Google Shopping,” says Sales & Orders President Gregg Hanan. “We’re stripping away the complex barriers to entry, making it super easy for retailers to get an approved product feed in Merchant Center, and we’re not charging a single penny for feed creation. For us it’s all about helping the retailers themselves. They deserve a better chance to succeed and grow their businesses and Google Shopping is one of the best ways to do just that. What was once quite complicated will now be merely a few clicks away. Since the very beginning, Bryan and I have been obsessed with providing a truly affordable solution for retailers to squeeze every last little bit out of their marketing. Our mission then and today is defined by that obsession.”

‘Google Shopping by Sales & Orders’ will be accessible right from within the BigCommerce control panel. Once the Feed-Only version of the app is launched, a store owner will be prompted to connect to their Google Merchant Center Account and the feed creation will be fully automated. The app will use existing product information from the store itself to populate the numerous, required fields in standard product feeds for use in Google Shopping. Additional features at launch include:

  • Feed Dashboard: General feed statistics and a way to perform one-click feed syncs with Merchant Center
  • Diagnostics: Provides feed and product error reporting with options to filter based on certain criteria and export Excel-ready error reports
  • Add/Remove: Allows users to manually adjust a feed by adding or removing specific products and includes filtering options.
  • Category Mapping: En masse capabilities for mapping products/groups of products to their respective Google Product Categories
  • Source Mapping: For retailers who have custom fields in their store and need to map them to unique feed attributes required by Merchant Center

Easy Campaign Creator will be available as a premium upgrade option for only $20/month. A store owner need only connect to their AdWords account, apply 2 basic campaign settings, and the rest is fully automated:

  • Campaigns: (2) Google Shopping campaigns, Primary and Catch-All, will be created by Sales & Orders in AdWords
  • Management: Weekly automated product syncs are performed to keep campaigns updated with newly added products to one’s store
  • Reporting: Top-level performance stats for your Google Shopping campaigns are reported right within your own Dashboard

BigCommerce retailers will also have the opportunity to access the full suite of tools available in Management Software for Google Shopping or upgrade to fully-managed services with the Sales & Orders team of Customer Success Specialists.

About Sales & Orders

Based in Bethpage, New York, Sales & Orders Management Software for Google Shopping is one of the only platforms dedicated solely to helping retailers and marketers create, manage, and optimize Google Shopping campaigns. Recognized as a Premier Google Partner, Sales & Orders also provides managed services for retailers including Shopping ads management, Remarketing, and Product Data Feeds.

About BigCommerce

BigCommerce is the world’s leading cloud ecommerce platform for established and rapidly-growing businesses. Combining enterprise functionality, an open architecture and app ecosystem, and market-leading performance, BigCommerce enables businesses to scale to tens of millions in online sales at a fraction of the cost and complexity of on-premise software. BigCommerce customers include 50,000+ SMBs, 2,000+ mid-market businesses selling more than $1 million per year, 25 Fortune 1000 companies, 25 Internet Retailer 1000 businesses, and leading brands and retailers representing a wide range of B2B and B2C categories. For more information, visit www.bigcommerce.com.

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