We’ve Partnered With PriceWaiter®

 We are super excited to announce that we have partnered with PriceWaiter® to give retailers the ability to use their existing product feeds to drive new customers and orders that originate from all over the internet, including from other online stores, and even on Amazon.

Why is that great? Because you can field that offer/intent and win that customer – again, even if it’s from a customer on Amazon.com.

To all retailers who want to win new customers, PriceWaiter® is here to level the e-commerce playing field.

PriceWaiter® is thrilled to officially join Sales & Orders in helping retailers sell more, as both organizations are committed to driving both quality traffic and solid conversion your way. We have worked together informally for years, shared many mutual clients, and established a level of trust such that it just makes sense for all our retailers to benefit.

Our mutual goal is to help make buying and selling better, and we are thrilled to announce a partnership that will help buyers buy more and sellers (like you) sell more.

How PriceWaiter® works for Shoppers

Armed with PriceWaiter’s® shopping Chrome Extension or Firefox Add-On (Edge and Safari coming soon), shoppers shop as they normally would, and PriceWaiter® proactively appears when a user is on a product detail page (again, even if that page is on Amazon) that matches a product in one or more of our retailer’s product feeds.

The shopper enters the price they want to pay for that specific product and then PriceWaiter® negotiates a deal for them with its network of retailers. The shopper is then able to check out through PriceWaiter® for their custom price.


How PriceWaiter® works for Retailers

To receive orders from these shoppers, retailers simply share a product feed with simple pricing rules for products or brands. We then use the product feed to trigger the “Make an Offer” call-to-action on relevant products for the shopper, and your pricing rules allow PriceWaiter® to negotiate in real-time with the shopper — always delivering a final sales price within your comfort zone. Retailers have total control over the parameters of the transaction.

This real-time automation leads to a significant conversion uplift as it allows the shopper to immediately check out for their personalized price (all while sitting on top of your competitor’s site). To protect you and your relationships with your brands, the negotiation is private and we keep the retailer anonymous until the order is shipped. At that point you have a new (and hopefully loyal) customer.

When a shopper checks out, we send you the balance (after our 5% commission) to your Paypal or Stripe account and you ship the order. Your product feed also allows us to accurately match the transaction to your order management system for fulfillment.

There’s no cost-per-click or comparison shopping listing fees — you will only pay for completed transactions and successfully acquired customers, all of which originated not on your site. That is to say, PriceWaiter’s® goal is to give you the opportunity to earn the business of customers you might never have been able to reach — simply, quickly, and privately.

To get started, simply sign-up for PriceWaiter® and opt-in to the new channel