You Can Now Set Up Your Bing Shopping Feed For Free Using Sales & Orders!

We are super excited to announce the official launch of our Bing Shopping Feed Tool. You can now extend the reach of your product advertising to an entirely new sector of shoppers searching for products online.

The best part is that we’re making it super easy to get started, and it’s FREE for up to 100,000 products!

Phase 1: Feed Tool & Management

With Bing controlling over one third of the searches online in the US and nearly a third in the UK alone, it makes for an ideal channel for e-commerce retailers looking to attract even more customers to their stores and increase sales.

The launch of our Bing Shopping Feed Tool is the first step in a much larger effort to enhance the capabilities of the Sales & Orders platform.

The feed tool will come fully equipped with the all our out-of-the-box features including a dedicated Bing Feed Diagnostics dashboard.



Utilizing the new feed tool, merchants with existing Bing Ads accounts will be able to:

  • Connect directly to their Microsoft and Bing Ads accounts
  • Have their feed automatically generated and sent to Bing Merchant Center

The feed tool will come fully equipped with all out-of-the-box features from the existing Sales & Orders feed tool:

  • Feed Dashboard: General feed statistics and a way to perform one-click feed syncs with Merchant Center
  • Diagnostics: Provides feed and product error reporting with options to filter based on certain criteria and export Excel-ready error reports
  • Add/Remove: Allows users to manually adjust a feed by adding or removing specific products and includes filtering options.
  • Category Mapping: En masse capabilities for mapping products/groups of products to their respective Google Product Categories
  • Source Mapping: For retailers who have custom fields in their store and need to map them to unique feed attributes required by Merchant Center

Merchants will also be able to enhance their app experience with some of the exclusive, feed-only premium tools such as the Advanced Product Modifier which provides a combined rule-based and template-based system for optimizing key feed attributes such as Product Titles as well as components for correcting errors or missives within one’s feed.

Phase 2: Reporting and Phase 3: Campaign Management

Phase 2 of our Bing rollout will be dedicated to in-app reporting for Bing Shopping campaigns.

Currently operated as a Managed Service only, Bing Shopping campaign management will be the third phase of our development, incorporating the very same incredible features in Sales & Orders for Bing Shopping campaigns.

We will be releasing updates on our expected launch date for both.

Bing Product ads are only available in the United States on PCs, tablets, and smartphones, and in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, India, and Canada (English only and excluding Quebec) on PCs and tablets.

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