COVID-19 Impact on US Retail Search Trends With Google | Sales and Orders

COVID-19 Impact on US Retail Search Trends With Google

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Super proud to have been able to host our Senior Partner Management team at Google for some insight into retail search market trends and some bonus Q&A on Google Shopping.

A very special episode as I was joined by Strategic Partner Manager Brendan Jacobson, Partner Manager Meridith Hall, and Strategic Partner Manager for Shopping Romain Varchetta Bertogli for an incredibly insightful look into the impact that the Coronavirus pandemic and spread of COVID-19 has had in retail search trends in the US.

On top of that, the team at Google also offers some guidance for business owners during this tough times including some follow-up Q&A on emerging offerings at Google such as those Free Product Listings now showing in the Google Shopping results.


Download your very own copy of the presention below:


Valuable Google Resources

Whether you are a marketer or a retailer, Google has some awesome tools at your disposal to do your own research. 

    1. Think With Google – Rising Retail Categories
    2. Think With Google – Shopping Insights

Using these new tools, merchants and advertisers can better plan for keyword analysis and even advanced location targeting tactics to drive performance not just on Shopping, but for Search (Text) ads as well.

Shopping Ads (PLAs) Reign Supreme on Clicks

At around 13:17, Strategic Partner Manager for Shopping Romain Varchetta Bertogli paints the picture of how important Shopping ads on Google are to a retailer’s digital marketing strategy.

Against traditional Search or Text ads, Shopping ads continue to be the most-clicked ad format on Google.

Do you have some burning questions?

Feel free to drop them right into the comments below! You can also email Tus via

We’d like to thank our amazing Google team for joining us and sharing such a great presentation!

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