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Is Your Food Industry Feed Up to Par?

Your data feed is the most important aspect of your product marketing. If your food industry product feed is missing data or is not up to code, you are losing out on important sales opportunities.

The Sales & Orders feed management solution creates compliant feeds that are ready to be deployed into today’s most popular ad channels including Google, Microsoft, Facebook & more.

Feeds Shopping Ads Affiliates Automation

Strategic Ads That Improve Your Bottom Line

Our ads management solution for Google makes it easy to connect your store to Google Ads and grow your business.

Sales & Orders’ advanced ad AI utilizes shopper search terms, product-level traffic and sales, and other data to drive bidding suggestions aimed at improving profitability.

Paired with transparent and in-depth reporting, our solution reveals the true value and ROI for each product listing, helping guide important budgeting decisions.

We Know How to Grow Food Industry Stores

The highly trained e-commerce experts at Sales & Orders have developed an all-encompassing strategy aimed at growing food industry stores that has been successfully utilized for our retailers.

From initial setup through ad deployment, our process has a proven ability to produce increased site traffic and revenue fast.

Food Industry Success Stories

Beer Cartel

Beer Cartel believes that there is simply too little time to waste on poor beer. Their founding philosophy of "putting good beer in the hands of consumers, thus allowing people to enjoy quality craft beer sourced from across the world," still very much holds true today.

For too long, Beer Cartel felt it was impossible to find good beer in Australia. Yet, with their dream of providing beer drinkers with access to amazing beer from Australia and overseas, they have been able to achieve their mission - along with powering up their Shopping campaigns on Google with Sales & Orders.

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Growth in Shopping Ads Conversions


Reduction in Cost to Convert


Boost in Shopping Ads Revenue


Improvment in Return-On-Ad-Spend

Huds & Toke

What do you get when you mix a whole lot of love, two pet dragons, and a now multi-award-winning business idea? That's Huds & Toke for you! Founded by Russel and Emma Gibbons, Huds & Toke is on a mission to design, create, and manufacture the absolute best pet treats that Australia can offer.

Inspired by their sons' imaginary pet dragons, aptly named Huds & Toke, and an unmatched fondness for pets and animals, Russell and Emma have built a company where every pet treat is designed specifically for the animal it is made for with natural ingredients and are made to the highest quality.

Powered by:


MoM Revenue Growth


MoM ROAS Growth


Increased Traffic MoM


Growth in Conv. MoM

Santa Barbara Chocolate

By going to great lengths which other chocolate brands don’t, Santa Barbara Chocolate works directly with cocoa growers, in order to make available the world's finest and most sustainably harvested raw chocolate ingredients. As master chocolatiers in California, their chocolates and confections are prized by everyone from leading local pastry chefs, to national vendors of some of the most prestigious desserts and confections. Prior to working with us at Sales & Orders, Santa Barbara Chocolate had some frustrating experiences working with other marketing companies that simply could not deliver on their promises of helping Santa Barbara Chocolate grow and succeed.

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Reduction in cost-to-convert YoY

YoY Return on Ad Spend growth


Reduction in Average CPC YoY


Boost in profitable revenues YoY

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