Its Official! Switch to the New Google Ads Experience by October 4th [UPDATE 9/27/18] | Sales and Orders

Its Official! Switch to the New Google Ads Experience by October 4th [UPDATE 9/27/18]

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The emails started rolling in today with the official word:

“Starting on October 4, 2018, the new Google Ads will become the exclusive way to manage your account, and access to the previous experience will no longer be available.” – Google Ads Team

It feels like forever ago, but the time has come for the old AdWords to eclipse. Google officially announced all the rebranding back in June.

The new Google Ads experience is quite the big change compared to its predecessor with an entirely revamped interface, exclusive features, and more.

Some merchants may be aware that select retail programs like Showcase Shopping Ads are only available in the new Google Ads.

Our team is very excited for the changeover, but also sad to see the older version go away. Advertisers have had years to become skilled in the older versions interface and features.

Anyone who hasn’t spent some time getting acquainted with the new Google Ads should get started now as the learning curve is very evident.

Our developers have already prepared our platform and continue to go beyond Google’s RMF or “Required Minimum Functionality”.

We will continue to deliver excellence via our app features while new and exciting add-ons, components, and upgrades are on the horizon.

UPDATE AS OF 9/27/2018

Emails are now being received indicating that the full switch to the new Google ads may be rolled out differently for account owners.

While initial communications dated it to happen on October 4th, newly received emails show some accounts to be switched officially as of October 11th.

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