Shopping Ads & Feeds Magento Extension | Sales and Orders


  • Easy installation with no developer required.
  • Manage your product data feeds and shopping ads for Google, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook & more from one powerful platform.
  • Access app features, including performance reporting, feed optimization tools, ad creation & more from your Magento Admin.
  • In-app live chat support available for all users.
  • Variable pricing available based on the plan type of your choosing.


  • Variant support – ability to include items at variant/child level
  • Parent only feed option available
  • S&O software provides the ability to manage channel integrations from one centralized management tool.
  • Supports all Magento Commerce Standalone and cloud stores, including Magento 2.x, Magento 1.x, Community & Enterprise
  • Ability to modify, customize and optimize feed to improve overall data quality and maximize campaign performance

Features No developer required.

  • Connection via php connection file (Upload an encrypted php file to your root directory)
  • Full Variant Support. Child products fully supported
  • Item_Group_Id Supported.
  • Parent Only Feed Supported
  • Support of Inventory Level. Ability to include inventory item count in feed (including items at the variant level)
  • Support of Inventory Control & Stock Status. Ability to exclude items from feed by stock status (including items at the variant level)
  • Support of Hidden/Disabled Products. Ability to exclude hidden items from feed (including items at the variant level)
  • Support of custom attributes – custom attributes can be included in feed

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Find out why thousands of store owners from around the globe have chosen Sales & Orders to help grow their businesses online

Connect e-commerce store to advertising channels, optimize product data feed Manager compliance

Automatically list your products on today’s top digital retail channels for growth

Multi-Channel Listings including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and more
Daily syncs with website catalog
Dedicated reporting with both channel & product-level diagnostics
Data optimization with customizable rules, category mapping, and variant product attributes

Easily build and manage ad campaigns under the S&O Umbrella

Manage and analyze campaigns for multiple channels like Google, Bing, and Facebook in one centralized location to see how everything is working together
Automate changes based on strict KPI’s to quicky adjust campaigns to maximize performance and drive targeted traffic
Factor in expenses (ex COGS, Ad spend, etc) to measure profitability
Customize dashboard to properly understand performance based on your unique goals
Feed maintenance, Shopping ads management Affiliate Network Managed Services Partner
Man announcing Sales & Orders Shopping Ads Management platform

Let us take care of the marketing so can you focus on running your business!

Get assigned an account manager that knows your vertical and works towards your specific goals
Kickstart feed optimization & ongoing maintenance
Custom-built strategies tailored to your business needs & goals
Monthly check-ins with your Account Manager and weekly updates
Access to our Beta programs to help you accelerate faster

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Find out why thousands of store owners from around the globe have chosen Sales & Orders to help grow their businesses online