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Sales & Orders Now Integrates with Buy on Google

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Buy on Google, Shopping Actions | 0 comments

Our entire team here at Sales & Orders is incredibly excited and proud to announce the official roll-out of our Orders Integration with Buy on Google for BigCommerce and Shopify.

After a round of closed beta testing, we have officially launched the live, public version of our Marketplaces solution and Order Syncing  for Buy on Google.

While this initial public release is currently available for both BigCommerce and Shopify, we expect to roll out further integrations, such as with Magento 2, in the coming months.

Additionally, we are working diligently on integrating with even more online marketplaces – with eBay being our next likely launch for order syncing in 2020.

What is Buy on Google (US Only)?

Google recently announced the roll out of their commission-free Buy on Google ecommerce service. This 0% commission evolution of Google’s Shopping Actions platform is being made available to existing Shopping Actions merchants, as well as merchants new to Google.

Hundreds of millions of people visit Google every day to discover and buy new items. With Shopping Actions, now they can buy your products from wherever they are on Google.

Whether they’re searching for products, watching related videos, comparing images, or talking to their assistants, they’ll find it easy to shop and instantly purchase your products using the Google universal shopping cart.


Buying on Google (Google Shopping)


The shopping cart lets potential customers know they can buy directly on Google, and shop worry free, with simple returns and customer support backed by a Google guarantee. The cart moves with shoppers across Google, giving them more ways to buy from you.

How do retailers start selling with Shopping Actions?

Just as with Shopping Ads and Surfaces across Google, a product feed is required to power the product listings created by Buy on Google.

As of July 23rd 2020, merchants new to the program must submit a form within Google Merchant Center and will be added to a waitlist until Google opens up new merchant on boarding again in the coming months.



If you are already selling through Buy on Google, you can connect your BigCommerce or Shopify store to Sales & Orders for order syncing.

How our Buy on Google Orders Integration Works

With our seamless connection to BigCommerce and Shopify, we’re removing all the complexities of overseeing and managing orders from Buy on Google.



Additionally, with our existing Feed Tool and integration with Google Merchant Center, Sales & Orders becomes a dual-powered solution – allowing retailers to support their product feeds and order syncing all from one platform:

  • Our app’s guided wizards walk you through connecting your BigCommerce or Shopify store to Google Merchant Center
  • With up to 90 days of back data connection, you can immediately begin reviewing previous orders placed by shoppers
  • Our app takes care of all the hard work, automating order flow from Merchant Center and directly back to your BigCommerce or Shopify store
  • With a single click you’ll be able to see a complete overview of any order including customer details, fulfillment status, and order health
  • When order statuses are updated in your store’s back end control panel, Sales & Orders automatically imports and sends updates back to Google

Getting Started With Buy on Google by Sales & Orders

For BigCommerce store owners, you can begin immediately by installing our dedicated Buy on Google App in the BigCommerce App Marketplace:

If you are a Shopify store owner currently using our app, you simply have to add the Buy on Google feature to your Sales & Orders account and approve in your Shopify store control panel.

For Shopify store owners – and if you are not currently using our app – you can install it from the Shopify App store:



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