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Sales & Orders Now Supports Enhancing Catalogs for Facebook Shops

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We’re incredibly excited to announce that with our Feed Tool you can now enhance your catalog to create a better experience for your customers on Facebook and Instagram.

Over the course of the past few weeks, our engineers have been hard at work to help ecommerce merchants reach more customers through Facebook Shops.

“Yesterday,” the S&O platform was already equipped to support not only Catalogs but also Dynamic Product Ads campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. As of today, the enhancements made to that very same Catalog produced by our Feed Tool add key product attributes that are now required by Facebook Shops.

What are Shops on Facebook & Instagram?

Back in May of 2020, Facebook officially announced the newest version of Shops – a mobile-first shopping experience where businesses can build beautiful storefronts on Facebook and Instagram for free.

Shops have actually been around for quite some time. Any ecommerce business that submits a Catalog to Facebook Business Manager can enable their products to appear on their Facebook Business Page and Instagram Profile.

However with the new Facebook and Instagram Shop experience, businesses can customize their collections with the products you want to showcase and use eye-catching imagery and design elements to build their brand identity. 

What’s more, select merchants can now also take advantage of a native checkout experience on Facebook and Instagram – keeping shoppers engaged without requiring them to exit to an ecommerce website to finalize a purchase.

How to Get Started with Facebook & Instagram Shops

Right now, merchants can choose 1 of 2 ways to manage their shop and 1 of 3 ways to handle the checkout experience for shoppers.

Should you plan on using the native Commerce Manager and Checkout on Another Website options, follow our quick-start guide below!

Get Started In Facebook Commerce Manager

Select how you would like to manage your shop. Currently, syncing with a partner is not fully available. If this is your first time setting up Shop we recommend the Manage with Commerce Manager option for now:

Choose A Checkout Method For Shops

In the following examples, we’re walking through the Checkout on Another Website option for setting up your Shop:

Choose Your Facebook & Instagram Shops Sales Channels

From here you will select the Facebook Page and/or Instagram Account to set up Shop for.

  • After making your selection, you can choose whether to include both Facebook and Instagram or just one of the two.
  • Important Note: If you oversee or manage multiple accounts, be sure to scroll through the list of shown accounts to choose exactly which one to set up for.

Add Products To Your Facebook and/or Instagram Shops

From here you will select which Catalog to be used for your Shop setup.

  • It’s important to note that you must have Admin rights to the Catalog for it to be selectable. Those that you do not have such rights to will be grayed out if you have access to more than one Catalog

Preview & Accept Terms For Facebook Shops

You should have all steps completed and will land in the Preview. From here you will have to agree to Facebook’s Merchant Agreement before being able to Finish Setup:

Customizing Your Facebook Shop With Collections & Style

Creating a more engaging experience for shoppers is now easier than ever before with Facebook Shops.

You can customize the look and feel with collections, change the style of your Shop to remain “on brand,” and design an appealing home page as well.

Set Up Facebook & Instagram Shops Collections

Help guide your shoppers towards what they may want the most by organizing your top product groups into collections.

With collections, you can use your own product images to design or upload custom design work to be displayed.

To create a collection:

  1. Click the Shop tab on your Facebook Page
  2. Click Add Collection
  3. From Publishing Tools, click +Add Collection
  4. Name the collection, choose if you want it to be publicly visible and decide if you want this collection to be featured first in your Facebook Page shop
  5. Click Save when you’re done. To add products to the collection, click + Add Products

A Stunning Facebook & Instagram Shops Home Page

Beautify your Facebook Shop by displaying either your top-most collection front and center, or even showcase a grid view of more than one collection to help shoppers navigate more seamlessly to what they are looking for.

Shop Builder lets you do all of this with ease:

  1. Go to your Shop Builder
  2. Click on +Add
  3. Choose whether you want to feature collections and products with your own branded image or show a preview of the top four products in a collection in a grid
  4. Once you’ve selected what you want to feature, edit the image, text and title
  5. Publish your home page

Styling Facebook & Instagram Shops

Make sure that your Shop is consistent with your brand by customizing select stylings such as Colors, Buttons, Links, and Text.

You can update the style at any time afterwards, allowing you to adapt to changes in your brand image or just to “spice things up” a bit when you feel like it!

Go to your Shop Builder:

  1. Click Style
  2. Select colors for the buttons and links
  3. Select the size and alignment of the text
  4. Select the shape and outline of all buttons
  5. Publish your shop

We’re Here to Help With Facebook & Instagram Shops

With the official launch of enhancing Facebook Catalogs through Sales & Orders, merchants are just a few steps away from creating a new and exciting way to entice shoppers and increase sales for their ecommerce business.

Our team is ready to help – every step of the way!

Already using Sales & Orders or working with us? Reach out to us on Live Chat or speak with your dedicated account manager to get the ball rolling.

Not working with us? That’s okay! You can get started with Sales & Orders for free for up to 10,000 products.

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