ADS Manager


Shopping Ads Management Designed To Scale Your Business

Showcase your products with shopping ads in Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

The Sales & Orders shopping ads management platform provides powerful tools that can help grow your store.

  • Shopping Ads Management Platform That Prioritizes Your Success Bulk update product bids, optimize product titles with relevant search terms, dig deep into performance by device type and more with ease using the Sales & Orders platform.
  • Intuitive Bid Management Use filters to group products for maximum control over your daily budgets
  • The Sales & Orders shopping campaign management tool makes bid updates and optimizations simpler than ever. Our product level campaign structure allows you to filter your products using combinations of data from your feed and performance data like conversions, conversion rate and more.
  • Product Title Enrichment Tool Improve your ad relevance by optimizing your product titles with popular search terms
  • With the help of real-time search term data you can drastically improve your product titles to get your products in front of the right audience. Seamlessly perform this optimization from right within the campaign manager and send your new title to Merchant Center.
  • Truly Transparent Reporting Gain unprecedented insights into performance on the account, campaign and product level
  • Dive deep into your performance across all enabled channels so you can fully grasp the effectiveness of your shopping ads with reporting that not only shows your campaign ROAS, but utilizes your cost of goods sold to measure your true profits.
  • Automation Saves You Time Create rules to handle the simple tasks so you can focus on the bigger picture
  • Spend less time handling simpler tasks, like adding products to your campaign and basic bid updates, and more time focusing on your business. Combining our advanced filtering with automation you can be more productive while optimizing performance in shopping campaigns.
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Reporting That Paints the Whole Picture

  • The main reporting dashboard offers you insights into the performance of all your S&O campaigns combined into one convenient location
  • Choose to review all data aggregated together or breakdown your reporting by individual channel for Google Shopping, Microsoft Shopping and Facebook/Instagram product ads
  • Campaign and product level reporting provide you with unequalled transparency that can help you better understand the effectiveness of shopping campaigns
  • Shopping Campaign Management Designed for Scale
  • Setup at the ID-level, Shopping campaigns managed with the Sales & Orders ads platform give you maximum control over your budget in Google and Microsoft Bing
  • Make bulk updates across multiple campaigns and channels simultaneously with filters that utilize any piece of campaign data and/or feed attributes available
  • Automate Shopping campaign bid update rules and adding new products to campaigns so you can more time focusing on other aspects of your business
  • Product title Keyword Injector lets you utilize product-level search term information to create hyper-relevant product titles that appeal to your audience and beyond
  • Location data down to the zip code provides you with valuable audience insights, and the ability to set targets on high performing areas or scale back on poor performing areas
  • Add RLSA audiences to your Google Shopping or Microsoft Shopping campaigns to maximize your visibility to higher intent searchers who have already interacted with your ads

Optimization Tools That Can Take Your Campaigns to the Next Level

Shopping Ads Management Platform That Prioritizes Your Success

Bulk update product bids, optimize product titles with relevant search terms, dig deep into performance by device type and more with ease using the Sales & Orders platform.

Win With Our Experts

Your campaigns will be in the experienced hands of our Client Success team.

Connect with your very own Shopping ads expert who will work directly with you to strategize and optimize your campaigns in Google Shopping, Microsoft Bing Shopping and Facebook/Instagram Ads

We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting

Aligning your goals with our know-how and powerful platform is a perfect match.

With the help of the Sales & Orders Shopping Ads Management Platform, their connection with you and in-depth knowledge of e-commerce marketing, your dedicated account specialist will develop the plan best suited for your products

Advanced Reporting

Stay on top of your performance with full access to our in-depth reporting dashboard.

Transparency is extremely important to us, that’s why you’ll always have full access to the Sales & Orders performance dashboard and your campaign manager

Stay In the Know

We’re on the forefront of marketing trends, beta programs and everything eCommerce.

Stay up to date with the latest trends in e-commerce marketing and gain early access to any beta programs with Google, Microsoft Bing or Facebook with our partner program. Just ask your account specialist!