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How BB Wheels Raced To The Finish With Facebook Product Ads

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Increase in profitable ad revenues


Growth in 30-over-30 sales from ads


30-over-30 growth in Facebook conversions

To Date Return on Facebook Ad Spend

BB Wheels

Family-owned and operated since its founding in 2010, BB Wheels specializes in delivering wheels, tires & vehicle accessories anywhere in the lower 48 states. Their goal is a simple, yet impactful one: small-town personal service with high-quality products at prices that our big city competitors can’t beat.

BB Wheels had a somewhat, non-traditional start in the ecommerce world but one that has allowed them to remain on point when it comes to being operationally efficient and numbers driven in all decision-making processes.

“While the return on ad spend alone has been absolutely impressive, our account manager’s customization has proven to deliver even as we have just gotten started.”

Dean Goebel

President, CFO, COO.

The Campaign

Multi-stage targeting allowed BB Wheels to reach customers at each step in the funnel

Catalog Simplified

With our app's direct API to Facebook, BB Wheels had the ideal solution for generating a feed

Key Audiences

Campaigns were created using audience segments for Prospecting, Retargeting, and Lookalike

Machine Learning

By relying on AI, BB Wheels' Facebook campaigns targeted the right shoppers at the right times

Why it all worked

A 3-prong approach to audience targeting combined with machine learning

Automating their Facebook Catalog through our app's direct API
Hyper-targeting three key audience segments to drive the most relevant shoppers
Allowing strong pixel history to capture and retarget to previous visitors at different funnel stages
Expanding reach through Lookalike audiences to find customers who had never interacted with BB Wheels but fit their customer mold

“We couldn’t be happier with the results of our campaigns. Our account specialist Arthur has given us a winning strategy that we can rely on day after day.”