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Year-over-year conversion growth


Increase in revenue year-over year


Reduction in Average Cost per Click

Countries on target to advertise in

Inspire Uplift

From humble beginnings as a mere Social Media Channel, Inspire Uplift has grown to have an astounding fan base of over 6 million followers. Their mission is to make their customers happier, more joyful people, with products that are as affordable as they are fun to use. From home goods to beauty products, clothing and electronics, Inspire Uplift offers a wide selection of awesome goods that are sure to inspire one to live nothing but the best life.

To date, Inspire Uplift has served over 1 million customers across the globe as they continue to bring shoppers products that they are sure to love.

“Working with Sales & Orders has been an incredibly important part of our business. Their support and knowledge of Google and Bing Shopping Feeds is second to none. Since working with Sales & Orders we’ve been able to increase our shopping campaigns spend over 500% while maintaining a strong profitability.”

Aaron Wallace

Director Digital Marketing,

The Obstacles

Things were going great, until Inspire Uplift was forced to replatform


Struggling with their previous ecommerce provider gave way to the need to seek out a new store solution

New Product Feeds

As a result of replatforming, Inspire Uplift needed their feeds and campaigns rebuilt entirely from scratch

Global Desires

Inspire Uplift wouldn't settle for anything less than being able to reach shoppers in nearly ever country

How did it all happen

The raw power of our app, coupled with unparalleled support by our team

A seamless feed migration with our recently launched Magento 2 integration
Leveraging the Google Content API to build and properly configure additional country targets
Our Feed Specialists worked diligently in not only the migration but also the rebuilding of their product feeds
Leveraging Google's Machine Learning coupled with our app's capabilities in the creation and oversight of Smart Shopping campaigns

“I would definitely recommend that any e-commerce business wanting to improve their product feeds and Shopping campaigns to work with Sales & Orders.”