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Conversions Soar For Maryland Pride-Inspired Route One Apparel

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Increased quarter-over-quarter traffic


Boost in Shopping ad visibility


Growth in new ad conversions


Jump in quarter-vs-quarter revenue

Route One Apparel

Route One Apparel's story starts in the state of Maryland, where founder Ali von Paris launched the e-commerce store from humble beginnings in her dorm room at the University of Maryland. The brand immediately sky rocketed in popularity, selling apparel that features the state flag and other iconic symbols of the state.

With the help of Sales & Orders, Route One Apparel has been able to drastically improve its already booming business by introducing Google Shopping into their marketing plan.

The Obstacles

"I never realized how many sales opportunities I was missing until I worked with Sales & Orders" said Ali Von Paris

Minimal Ad History

Ali had gotten Route One Apparel off to an excellent start, but advertising on Google wasn't something she was experienced in

Niche Offering

Thematic ecommerce businesses, especially apparel and accessories retailers often find it difficult to attract enough shoppers

Missed Opportunities

Ali had not yet fully capitalized on some of the nuances of Google Shopping such as implementing RLSA or a refined negative keyword strategy

The keys to success

Customizing from top to bottom made the difference

Refined bidding through our groundbreaking approach to campaign structures
Development and constant evolution of a balance between product types and seasonality
Revelations garnered from our platforms tools to elevate negative keyword management to new heights
Pulling the right levers at the right time and for the right reasons in Route One Apparel's RLSA audience segments

“I am not only impressed with our sales growth but impressed with their team’s attention to detail and creativity when it comes to improving campaigns.”