Massive Growth, All From Products For Tiny Humans

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Increase in Shopping ads transactions


Year-over-year growth in revenue


Boost in ROAS from Shopping campaigns


Increase in store visitors in a year


Active Baby

July and Chen, being "Active Parents" themselves, were inspired to bring high quality baby products under one roof to serve their local community. In 2009, just as their first daughter (now the eldest of three) turned 18 months old - Active Baby was born. With the active and green-living lifestyle so commonly embraced by families on the North Shore - Active Baby may have began as a "mom and pop," but today July and Chen have grown their business to entirely new heights in part with the help of our app and team at Sales & Orders.

Sales and Orders

“It has been a game changer for us with the current result of Google Shopping ads by using Sales & Orders. The software is very easy to manage once you get an understanding on the concept and the tools in it.”

July Lv Co-Founder and Owner,

The Challenges: Overcoming wasteful overspending was one of the biggest hurdles facing Active Baby

Slowing Sales Transactions from ad campaigns began to wane to a point where Active Baby felt there was no return

High Spend, Low Return In many categories, the return on ad spend simply did not justify the advertising dollars being spent

Seasonality Woes Active Baby were challenged by the difficulty in isolating seasonal trends for select product lines

How it came to be

Leveraging the power of our app made all the difference

  • A complete switch over to the Sales & Orders methodology
  • Guided training lessons by our staff allowed July to take full advantage of our app
  • With insight provided by our app, July adapted a custom seasonal strategy for select product lines
  • Being able to quickly and easily isolate budget wasters with our app allowed for ROAS to grow immensely over time

“Their DIY manager Giovanni is fantastic with delivering valuable support and expert guidance on our strategies for not only Google, but all channels.”