Baltic Networks Achieves True Success With Sales & Orders

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Increased ad clicks first MoM


Improvement in conversion rate


Boost in month-over-month revenue


Leap in return on ad spend


Baltic Networks

Since 2005, Baltic Networks has been providing expert cost effective wireless and wired networking and machine-to-machine solutions for businesses across the United States. Their results on Google Shopping had been frustratingly lack luster due to an unsatisfactory experience with another agency. “When we found Sales and Orders we couldn’t have been happier. Not only did they help us curtail our spending, without a contract, we got to keep all of our revenue. They have a team of experts that are very dedicated and knowledgeable in what they do," said Brent Tyson, Baltic Networks' Digital Marketing Manager.

Sales and Orders

“We wasted a lot of money when we started advertising with Google Shopping and knew we needed help to curtail it. We mistakenly went with an agency that helped us not waste our ad spend, but with the ill effects of lower revenue, being in a contract, and paying not just a monthly fee but sharing revenue. When we found Sales and Orders we couldn’t have been happier.”

Brent Tyson Digital Marketing Manager, Baltic Networks

The Obstacles: The bad taste left after poor results from a previous agency caused distrust for Baltic Networks

Agency Neglect Baltic Networks' previous agency's strategy left little room for refined campaign management and added creativity

Compartmentalization The original Shopping campaigns had been overly structured and a number of subdivision mistakes were clearly evident

B2B Business Model B2B-focused ecommerce stores often pose unique hurdles when trying to effectively manage Google Shopping campaigns

Why it all worked

Honoring our merchants as partners, not just customers

  • Reinventing their Shopping campaigns for the ideal structure
  • Time-tested approaches to product data optimization to drive more impressions
  • Granular geo-targeting beefed up with the power of our platform's Location Performance tools
  • An RLSA strategy that focused primarily on both cart abandoners and dropoff at the checkout funnel step

“I can’t tell you how many times a Sales and Orders employee has made suggestions, or given advice outside of the scope of their job, just to provide a helping hand.”