Bicycling Magazine’s Top Voted Store Crushes Google Shopping

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Growth in year-over-year store visitors


AIncrease in YoY conversions


Reduction in overall wasted ad costs


Boost in year-over-year revenue


Brands Cycle & Fitness

Owner Dan Sirota already had an established brick-and-mortar business that he knew could be just as if not more successful online. Without a dedicated in-house marketing team, he sought out quite a few agencies early on to help grow the new E-Commerce venture. Not having the full picture when it comes to Google Shopping campaign performance can be lethal to sales and revenue. Brands Cycle was in need of something more than just your run-of-the-mill marketing agency. “We were essentially flying blind,” said Dan.

Sales and Orders

“In the early days of Brands Cycle we used to jump from agency to agency but never found the right fit for our Shopping campaigns, until we found Sales & Orders. Now after a year working with their team, we consistently see a ten times return on our ad spend each month. Sales & Orders is committed to helping us succeed online.”

Daniel Sirota Owner, President, Extreme Kartz Corp.

The Obstacles: Dan shifted from agency to agency looking for the right fit for their Google Shopping campaigns

Agency Burnout Up until finding Sales & Orders, Dan simply could not find a marketing company that could truly deliver on exactly what they promised

Unrefined Structure Cycling through different agencies left Dan with Shopping campaigns that were almost too far gone to be salvaged and restructured

Lacked Campaign Diversity Although Google Shopping was a main focus, previous agencies had neglected to expand into other advertising types such as text ads

Why it all worked

It was the human touch that really made the difference

  • A smooth campaign transition acted as the catalyst for what would come
  • The extreme level of detail paid to Dan's expansion using text ads and then Dynamic Search
  • Wide-open dialogue between Dan and his account manager allowed for the evolution of his campaigns
  • BONUS: Dan was able to expand his business and launch and entirely new sector dedicated specifically to cycling footwear

“It has been a phenomenal eight years and running, a complete night and day difference compared to where we were in the beginning.”