Extreme Kartz Scores A Hole In One With Facebook Ads

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Month-Over-Month return on ad spend


Purchase rate increase 30-over-30


Reduction in overall cost to convert


Conversion Rate increase 30-over-30


Extreme Kartz Corp.

Steve Roche, Owner and President of Extreme Kartz Corporation launched his business in January of 2013 with the goal of offering customers a broad spectrum of products from the industries leading parts and accessories suppliers at unbeatable prices. Steve had already been working with our team for his Shopping campaigns on Google and Bing. However, after adding Facebook Dynamic Product Ads into the mix, his sales and his profitable revenue soared to entirely new heights.

Sales and Orders

“I did not expect this level of growth and success and I am frankly thrilled by the performance, telling me two things, first I am getting more visitors but more important I am getting better, more qualified visitors.”

Steve Roche Owner, President, Extreme Kartz Corp.

Targeting Previous Visitors: Retargeting was the true winner for Extreme Kartz performance over time

Catalog Control Reducing the feed inventory to only the top-most performing SKUs enhanced relevance

Nationwide Target Focusing on previous visitors kept the pool of potential return/repeat shoppers larger

Look-Alike Backup After enough data was collected, a Look-Alike audience formed automatically by our app

Why it all worked

The right catalog inventory and retargeting made it happen

  • Our app had their catalog up and running in less than an hour
  • Controlling which products were sent to Facebook ensured higher revenue potential
  • Proper Pixel implementation made tracking accurate and helped to grow Extreme Kartz's audiences
  • Using Retargeting as the primary traffic driver brought in substantially more sales at a much higher ROAS potential

“I highly recommend working with Sales & Orders. It’s been an absolute game changer for our business, and not just for our Facebook ads, but as a whole.”