King Sized Results For Great Furniture Deal’s Shopping Campaigns

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YoY increase in website traffic


Reduction in average cost to convert


Growth in conversions year-over-year


Boost in year-over-year revenue


Great Furniture Deal

The online retail furniture industry happens to be one of the most competitive around, especially with big box retailers and long-established brands with significant clout in the search engines. Established in 2007, is one of most sophisticated online furniture stores to be found. Owner of, Lorin Brown, entered the market with three defining principles in mind: Provide customers with great products, provide excellent customer service, every step of the way, and provide very affordable prices.

The Obstacles: A from-scratch partnership that has birthed a relationship lasting several years

Saturated Market The online furniture retail sector was and continues to be a massive, seemingly impenetrable vertical

Call Tracking Connecting the dots between store visitors and phone orders from ads was virtually impossible at the time

Massive Inventory Having tens of thousands of SKUs and growing each month made it difficult for Lorin to manage campaigns efficiently

What made it possible

Constant communication and going the extra mile

  • Controlling wasteful cost with artfully-designed Shopping campaigns
  • Syncing up with Lorin on a regular basis to review phone order purchase history
  • Adding text ads to highlight the highest performing products within select furniture brand names
  • Duality in our Remarketing deploy added more conversions month to month while keeping costs lower with audience refinement

“The team at Sales & Orders values my money like I do. They understand the importance of spending money wisely, yet effectively for growth.”