How this boutique SEO and digital marketing agency cut their time to manage Shopping campaigns in half



As a boutique SEO and digital marketing agency helping small and medium business compete online, whether local, national or international, JMoriarty Marketing has been helping business owners dominate their competition in every area, including organic search, paid search and social media for over 20 years. Specializing primarily in technical SEO for WordPress, Shopify, Magento, abd BigCommerce stores - JMoriarty Marketing has supported businesses not only in the US but also throughout Australia, Canada, Brazil, India, and South Korea with their local optimization expertise.

Sales and Orders

“For the price of this platform, the results are amazing. I have been in the digital marketing industry for almost 20 years and there has never been a tool I recommended more for my agency than Sales & Orders. It constantly proves it’s worth for every client we use it for.”

Jeff Moriarty Founder, Chief Strategist, JMoriarty Marketing

Their Challenges: An uphill battle in scaling their ability to efficiently manage Shopping campaigns for multiple clients

Time & Scale JMoriarty Marketing struggled to find a balance in time management overseeing campaigns

ROAS Woes With less time to focus on strategy, campaigns were not performing up to their standards

Data, Data, Data Not having a unified analytics interface made it more difficult to diagnose and optimize

The Results

Achieving optimal performance for their clients is now the norm, not the exception

  • Reduced wasteful ad spend while growing overall return on ad spend for clients
  • Cut the time it takes to manage, optimize, and analyze Shopping campaigns by more than half
  • Vastly improved their ability to source crucial data layers to ensure continued positive growth for clients
  • Client Story: Doubled their profitable return on ad spend after only just a few months of leveraging our app's capabilities

“With Sales and Orders, we were able to not only reduce overall spend, but we are seeing in many cases 3x the return before using the platform. And the time savings is something you just can’t ignore!”