Simply Speakers Cranks Up The Volume With Sales & Orders

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Increased store traffic from ads


Boost in Shopping ad visibility


Increase in quarterly conversions


Revenue growth quarter-over-quarter


Simply Speakers

Since 1992, Simply Speakers has been providing its customers with reliable, high quality service for their loudspeaker parts and service related needs. What began as a small shop in St. Petersburg, Florida has blossomed into one of the largest factory authorized speaker repair centers in the United States. While Google Shopping was working quite well for them, General Manager Sean Ryan felt there was something missing and that theu could be doing a lot better.

The Obstacles: Things had simply become too complex to manage on their own, and their first agency pick fell short

Sales Dropoff Mis-managed campaigns over the years became unwieldy, eventually leading to a phenomenon of diminishing returns despite all efforts

Missing Elements Simply Speaker hit a point where implementing strategic optimizations such as negative keywords became too difficult to manage

Substantial Waste Lacking refined structure, a good chunk of Simply Speaker's ad spend was going almost entirely to waste on ill-performing SKUs

What made it possible

A theme of keeping things simple proved invaluable to growth

  • Restructured campaigns allowed for a far more granular focus
  • Cutting out waste through optimized bidding and negative keyword management
  • Adding key Remarketing Audiences wound up being the true hero in the end
  • BONUS: Text ads have added hundreds of additional conversions each month at an average 6% Conv. Rate

“They have been tremendous in taking over our campaigns. The online dashboard is a great way to keep up to date with reporting and performance.”