Leveraging the Sales & Orders technology helped this agency achieve exponential ROAS growth for their clients



For over 10 years, VisionCourse Media has been helping their global array of clients with unparalleled online marketing strategy and consulting. So much more than just e-commerce web solutions, every member of their team, from the company president on down has a hand in providing an unprecedented level of service. Specializing in SEO and SEM for e-commerce businesses of all shapes and sizes, ranging in platform know-how with BigCommerce, Magento, 3Dcart and more - VisionCourse is especially known as a one-stop shop, from content writing and web design, to application development and web coding and more

Sales and Orders

“Using Sales and Orders as a data feed source for our digital ad campaigns have increased ROI while reducing time in managing accounts. The interface allows for ways to manage shopping campaigns that I never thought would be possible.”

Robert Tapia Director of SEO/SEM/Digital Marketing, VisionCourse Media

Their Challenges: The time and energy it used to take to manage campaigns kept them from achieving true performance potential

Time & Scale Managing multiple Shopping campaigns for multiple clients had become a daunting task

Next Level Though performance was always good, VisionCourse Media knew there was greater potential

Granularity Without technology, understanding true product-level performance was taking too much time

The Results

The power to turn up the dial on their clients' performances is now just a login away

  • The ability to better serve their clients due to time reduction and improved scalability
  • With our app's capabilities, VisionCourse Media was able to easily discover and divert wasteful ad spend
  • Doubling or more the Return on Investment for their clients by leveraging our app's unique features and capabilities
  • Client Story: Achieved an over 13X Return on Ad Spend over the course of less than 6 months of optimizing their Shopping campaigns

“I keep coming up with more and more ways to more successfully create high ROI Shopping campaigns on Google, not possible using multiple products and interfaces.”