ZGO Perfumery Sees Triple Digit Returns with Google Shopping

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Improvement in Return-on-Ad-Spend


Increase in Conversion Rates


Reduction in Cost-to-Convert


Reduction in Average Cost-per-Click


ZGO Perfumery

ZGO Perfumery, an airy upmarket San Francisco boutique offering fragrances, scented candles & perfumed bath & body products had been running Shopping campaigns since late 2016, early on seeing a great spike in traffic much like many retailers who began adopting Google Shopping into their digital marketing at that time. While they oversaw their product feed on their own, they left the oversight of the advertising to an agency only to find dwindling performance over time. The results? An inneffective and innefficient outlook on their Shopping campaigns.

Sales and Orders

“We had quite a bit of experience managing our own shopping feeds and campaigns but were feeling overwhelmed by the time required to properly maintain them.”

Claude Gratianne CEO, ZGOPerfumery.com

The Challenges: Much needed cleanup in ZGO's existing Shopping campaign structure and approach

Agency Burn ZGO Perfumery was reeling from a negative experience that put a damper on their revenue and profits

Compartmentalized Existing campaigns would need to be transitioned or scrapped due to a lack of proper structure

Key Optimizations Still missing from the mix were important campaign optimizations that could have reduced waste

Why it all worked

The right approach and a dedicated eye on detail

  • Offloading their feed to our app for BigCommerce stores
  • Relaunching Shopping campaigns with a hyper-focused, granular product structure
  • Focusing heavily on the top-most performing products in their catalog and dedicating spend to them
  • Keeping conversion costs in check by reallocating any wasted spend away from low performers and giving it to the top performers

“We were thrilled to find that, by working with Sales & Orders, we were able to achieve a much-improved cost per conversion ratio.”