The 2016 US Cyber Monday Google Shopping Analysis Snapshot | Sales and Orders

The 2016 US Cyber Monday Google Shopping Analysis Snapshot

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2016’s Cyber Monday was record shattering. Adobe reported that E-Commerce sales completely eclipsed 2015’s numbers with $3.45 billion spent by online shoppers.

It came as no surprise to our team when we discovered the tremendous growth retailers experienced this past Cyber Monday over 2015’s. The numbers were more phenomenal than we had even predicted.

Searches & Clicks Skyrocket

Shoppers kicked it into high gear on Monday where retail searches surged over 2015’s numbers by 35%. Leading industries such as Home Goods and Custom Apparel saw some of the most significant growth in all, averaging a 180% and 100% growth respectively in searches that triggered Google Shopping ads.

2016 also showed a dramatic increase in clicks on Shopping ads smashing last year’s Cyber Monday clicks by over 40%. For those clicks, US retailers spent on average $.11 less on CPCs than they did last year. What were some of the top clicked-on product ads this year? Holiday items were a given but two standout categories were Perfumes and Aquarium products.

The search share by device this year saw yet another very uneven split not unlike Black Friday’s results. 55% of Cyber Monday searches were performed on Computers, 36% on Mobile devices, and only 9% on Tablets. Clicks grew substantially by device since Cyber Monday last year with Mobile devices seeing the most significant change at a 55% increase.


Incredible Conversion & Revenue Results

Conversion rates remained in the higher range of the Paid Search industry average from last year to this while retailers saved on average $1.50 on Cost-Per-Conversions.

Conversions from Shopping campaigns grew by 30% on this year’s Cyber Monday but it was revenue generated by retailer campaigns that saw one the most dramatic increases we have ever seen.

To be able to not only compete but beat out all the other merchants out there, retailers will always crank up their ad spend for Cyber Monday (much more so than for Black Friday). It’s considered a crucial best practice on Google Shopping.

This year retailers were found to be spending on average 21% more on Google Shopping than in 2015, but even for that larger spend they wound up crushing it in sales with over a 105% increase in gross revenue generated this Cyber Monday compared to last and overall ROAS (Return-On-Ad-Spend) nearly doubled. Leading the pack in ROAS was Mobile devices at an average 7.5 times return with Computers and Tablets matching each other for a 6.5 times return average.


(Revenue represented in millions USD)

Up and Up It Goes

Google Shopping once again proves to be a dominating force in E-Commerce traffic and sales. We were in many ways surprised by how substantial the Cyber Monday growth was compared to 2015.

We sifted through thousands of data points from hundreds of retailers across the US and all signs point to 2017 being another fantastic year for E-Commerce.

If you haven’t yet already also stop by and check out the Black Friday Report and Q3 2016 US Google Shopping Growth Analysis Report for even more insights. Also be sure to look out for the full, downloadable Cyber Monday report coming in early December!


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