We've Launched Our New Google Shopping Feed Tool Supporting URL and File Imports! | Sales and Orders

We’ve Launched Our New Google Shopping Feed Tool Supporting URL and File Imports!

by | Jun 15, 2018 | Feeds, Google Merchant Center, Press Releases, Product Data | 0 comments

We have officiallly launched compatibility for our free data feed tool, once only available for BigCommerce and Shopify users, for virtually all e-commerce platforms.

This includes platforms such as Magento, Open Cart, 3D Cart, Volusion and many more.

To get started, users must simply sign up for access and connect the Sales & Orders feed tool to their Google Merchant Center account.

Once here, they have the option to either upload a file from their computer or input a feed file link for scheduled fetches.

We currently support .CSV, .TXT, .XLX, .XLXS, and Google Sheets.

If you’re uploading a file, you will need to manually update the file for upload every time you make a change to the feed.

If you’re fetching from a link, your feed will automatically update with each change you make at the time you’ve schedule to fetch data.


Once the feed type is input and saved, users need to map their feed fields to match the attributes found in the feed tool. This is for reporting accuracy purposes as well as to ensure your new feed meets Google’s Product Specifications.

Once the mapping has been completed, it won’t need to be done again.


Other than the feed type selection and mapping process, the free feed tool is the same as what was developed for the BigCommerce and Shopify integrations. Features of the tool include:

  • Feed Dashboard: General feed statistics and a way to perform one-click feed syncs with Merchant Center
  • Diagnostics: Provides feed and product error reporting with options to filter based on certain criteria and export Excel-ready error reports
  • Add/Remove: Allows users to manually adjust a feed by adding or removing specific products and includes filtering options
  • Category Mapping: En masse capabilities for mapping products/groups of products to their respective Google Product Categories
  • Modify Products (basic): With the free version of the feed tool, users can perform updates to the Gender, Condition and Age Group fields in their feed. A $20/month upgrade unlocks the ability to edit all other fields.


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